in Zhen, who is in charge of the public security system and does not abandon Zuo Wen, to help?
/It’s the perfect path!
Fan Mingzhu regained some of her anger. She didn’t believe that all the officials in Qingzhou were as ignorant as Wen Huaiming. She raised her head and asked: “Sister Tang, did Lin Zhen come down from Guanshan? You should know him. What are his hobbies?” , or shortcomings?”
Tang Ye moved the corner of his mouth and hesitated to speak. In the end, he could not resist Fan Mingzhu’s pleading. He considered his words and said, “It seems that his life style is not very good.”
Fan Mingzhu was stunned and sad. Wen Liang smiled and said: “Bad style? That’s the best thing.”
/Wen Liang still hasn’t fully understood the relationship between Cat Lady and Security Guard. There are some things that are inconvenient to say clearly. He said: “I came to attend my classmate’s birthday party. As for why I can I happened to save you from the hands of two crazy women. The relationship involved is quite complicated. I will report to you in detail after I figure it out later!”
Wen Huaiming knew that Wen Liang had many friends outside, so he stopped pursuing this topic and turned around. Looking at the magnificent dandelions, he sighed: “Thanks to you today.”
He couldn’t help but be afraid. Although it was in the limelight recently, and backed by two towering trees, Peidong and Xu Fuyan, this idea of ??a fictitious relationship between men and women was It couldn’t have done him any serious harm. But the official career is like sailing against the current. Once you are involved in scandals and are feared by people, countless troubles will follow.
Wen Liang smiled and said: “To deal with a woman like Fan Mingzhu, your gentleman’s approach will not work. I use small things to sell small things and repay others with their own way. It is considered to be making the best use of everything. However, that “Reporter named Tang Ye” “Tang Ye should have no ill intentions, but this person’s identity is unknown and his social relations are complicated. I just took this opportunity to stay away from him,” Wen Huaiming laughed at himself: “This is the only good news tonight!”
Huaiming laughed at himself: “This is the only good news tonight!” Wen Huaiming smiled and said, “This is great news for me and my mother!”
Wen Huaiming’s face suddenly heated up, and he scolded with a dark face: “If you are the same age as me again, be careful of your butt. !”
After saying a few more words, Wen Huaiming knew Wen Liang’s temperament and told him to let it go tonight and never cause trouble again, then he hailed a taxi and left alone.
Looking at the car driving away, Wen Liang remembered the way Tang Ye looked at Wen Huaiming when he was about to leave, and murmured: “You want to keep a respectful distance from me, but I don’t think others think the same way! There are some shady things, you’d better leave it to me.”
Not far away The spring water here changes wonderful shapes with the soft music. The swaying lights are