nd him. Hat, armband, gloomy eyes looking at the hair sister-in-law. Finally knowing that this person was not joking, Sister-in-law Fa couldn’t care less about her surging lust. She stepped back and shouted with an inward look: “Nighthawk is amazing, come on, beat them to death!”
A bunch of younger brothers all depended on the boss for their livelihood. The country bumpkins, who didn’t know what a nighthawk was, all rushed forward with shouts.
A dark-faced man in Nighthawk smiled at the first person to come in: “Team Xu, five seconds, seven!” He couldn’t respond. He slipped and dodged into the crowd. First, he kicked a gangster’s leg bone with his left foot, and then hit another man’s chin with his elbow. Before the two gangsters fell to the ground screaming, they tapped the ground hard with their toes, and flew into the air at a speed invisible to the naked eye. Three punches in a row, hitting the flesh, there were three more people.
Standing next to Captain Xu was a man with a pointed face and monkey cheeks. His height made him look like a giant version of Shi
Qian. He was indescribably funny. He shouted: “Four seconds!” He landed on the ground and replied: “Understood!” He reached forward with his hands, grabbed the chests of the two gangsters, and slammed them together.
/Seven people fell to the ground almost at the same time, their screams blending together as if they were one person. The black-faced man clapped his hands and said with a smile: “Five seconds, just right!”
The five or six gangsters still standing, including the hairy sister-in-law, were all shocked. They looked at each other, turned around and ran to the back of the house. The sharp-faced man sneered: “Want to run?” He picked up three steel pipes thrown away by the gangsters, threw them with his wrist, and hit the three people in the crook of their legs. Two or three people imitated the same pattern, making a loud thumping sound.
Fa’s sister-in-law was caught by the black-faced man in person. Looking at her younger brother who was screaming on the ground, she didn’t even have the heart to resist. She knelt down and shouted: “Brother, I was wrong, I was wrong, blind I have offended you, sir, you have a lot of money, please give me a break, give me a break, you can give me a price, give me a price, I won’t hesitate!”
Captain Xu clasped his hands behind his back and slowly bent down: “You are not You offended me, but you offended her. What price? Can you afford a hair of hers with your little family income?”
Madam-in-law finally wanted to understand what was going on. The woman driving a Porsche flashed past her eyes. She knew that tonight Things couldn’t possibly get better, so he could pay less. He shouted, “I remember, I touched it with my left hand, my left hand!” It was so
pitiful that he even touched the car, let alone Ning Xi, but in order to save his life, This is the only way to move with one hand!
Captain Xu’s eyes turned completely cold: “Oh, you really touched it? You are very brave, very brave.”
Then he