“The exoskeleton armor customized by Master McIntosh for me is worth more than 100 billion, and it may be even higher. If Attorney James needs it, I can ask Master McIntosh to issue a certificate of value.” File!” David said after thinking for a while.
When David stated the value, the entire evidence room fell silent.
Even Emma, ??who was extremely knowledgeable, grabbed David and wanted to comfort him. For a strong soldier, a custom-made exoskeleton armor made by an exoskeleton armor master was a great improvement in strength.
David gently winked at Emma and gave Emma a hint of a smile.
The smart Emma understood immediately and pushed David gently, with a faint smile on her face.
/No one else noticed David and Emma’s little move. They were all stunned by the huge price.
Barrister James knows the identity of Master McIntosh. If, as David said, he can ask Master McIntosh to issue a document proving the value of 100 billion credits, then even if the lost exoskeleton armor is not It is worth a penny, and its value will be recognized by any court as 100 billion credits.
Who is Master McIntosh? He is a truly influential boss-level existence in the Iridia star field. Master McIntosh’s certification is unmatched in the entire field of exoskeleton armor and even the entire equipment field. Will refute.
Officer Biddle’s whole body was shaking. One hundred billion credits. Not even the police department, not even the Crystal City, could handle such a big case.
“You’re talking nonsense. What kind of exoskeleton armor is worth 100 billion!” Officer Biddle shouted with all his strength.
“You think there isn’t one, but that doesn’t mean there really isn’t!” David replied with a mocking look on his face.
If his exoskeleton armor was stolen like two second-level heavy axes by Officer Biddle, then David’s loss would be no less than the loss of 100 billion credits.
The customized exoskeleton armor was created by Master McIntosh in order to thank him for the mutated third-grade materials that made him a master of weapon forging. He used two hundred kilograms of third-grade materials and a large number of various precious materials, and even integrated them. It takes a lot of advanced technology to create such a customized exoskeleton armor.
It is simply impossible to calculate the value using credit points, and it is impossible for third-level materials to appear on the market. As long as they appear, they will be collected by extraordinary people.
And with David’s good relationship with Master McIntosh, a document proving the value of 100 billion credits is not a problem.
Such a big thing happened here, and the police had already reported it to Chief Cumberland.
“What happened?” When Director Cumberland walked into the evidence room, Attorney James was collecting ev