The only evidence left was the third-level military spur, and David could not erase the number on it.
“Give me the military spurs!” Master McIntosh said without any politeness, extending his hand.
David took out the third-level military spur. When he went out, he had the idea of ????asking Master McIntosh to take action, so he took the third-level military spur with him.
/“Hey, I didn’t expect Dart to die in your hands!” Master McIntosh took the third-level military spur, glanced at the number, shook his head and sighed.
“Do you know Master Dart Sniper?” David asked after seeing Master McIntosh’s expression.
“I forged this military spur, but I have no friendship with Dart. From now on, you must keep this kind of weapon with obvious identity marks and don’t carry it with you!” Master McIntosh warned again.
David nodded. He knew that Master McIntosh meant well. In addition, being able to be taken so seriously by Master McIntosh and confessed to him many times showed that Master Dart did have a lot of connections.
“Wait a minute, I’ll help you deal with it. If you want to use this spur, I’ll open an extra spur slot on your exoskeleton armor for you!” Master McIntosh stood up with the third-grade spur.
David sat here alone and watched Master McIntosh leave for half an hour. When he came back, the military logo and number on the third-level military spurs had disappeared, and David’s was even added to the third-level military spurs. name.
“If anyone asks about this military spur, just say you got it from me!” Master McIntosh did not forget to explain it again when he handed the third-level military spur back to David.
Master McIntosh helped David take on the responsibility. This style of military spur was a high-end military combat system. Fortunately, David did not use it outside, otherwise he would be recognized immediately.
/Now that Master McIntosh said this, it was equivalent to finding an origin for David’s third-level military thorn.
Afterwards, Master McIntosh repaired the damage to David’s exoskeleton armor, which took him two hours.
“Master, what’s the cost?” David asked aloud after taking the exoskeleton armor loading box.
“What’s the cost? If I hadn’t considered you a friend, do you think this little thing is worth my while?” Master McIntosh glared at David.
David was too embarrassed to say anything, and he didn’t dare to mention any more expenses.
“Come and see me often in the future. If you have any good materials, send them over!” Master McIntosh did not forget to say when bidding David farewell.
In Master McIntosh’s opinion, a person who can cause trouble like this will always have the opportunity to encounter a lot of good materials as long as he lives.
In the urban area of ??Lenkasingiya City, an investment company was established, and the company was under the name of Master Alva.
On the surface, this is a service company that manages fixed assets. When it was first established, it had a fixed asset business of 40 billion, and it immediately gained a