Just when she thought no one would respond, “The Hanged Man” Alger said in a low voice:
“I saw the blood of deep-sea marlin at the previous gathering of big pirates, but unfortunately, you have missed it. You should have said it earlier. No, I said it wrong. You had not joined the tower at that time. Luo Hui.”
Then what do you mean by saying this to show off your seniority? Forsi secretly curled his lips and asked seriously:
“Mr. Hanged Man, please help me pay more attention. The price is 300 to 400 pounds, which is acceptable.”
Alger chuckled:
“The sea is wider than the land. The pirates may not be able to meet each other once every half a year. Even in the capitals of the various islands where they sell stolen goods, there will be no gathering of extraordinary materials.
Only major cities such as Backlund, Trier, St. Milon, and Feneport City can absorb a large amount of materials. Judging from your accent, you should be from Backlund, or have settled in Backlund for many years. ”
You mean, I still have to rely on myself. Forsi almost looked up at the towering dome.
At this time, Derrick “The Sun” said:
“I know the general range of activities of several soul eaters.
But I don’t need the gold pounds you talk about. ”
/“Magician” Forsi said with a fake smile:
“Then what do you want?”
Audrey “Justice”, the formula for the “Sun Priest” potion, was the first to answer in her mind.
Derrick thought carefully and said:
“The formula of Sun Priest’s potion.”
“This is the recipe for Sequence 7, right? I’ve heard of it. However, the recipe for this sequence costs at least 750 pounds. If you meet someone who wants it urgently, it can even be sold for more than a thousand pounds. And the soul eater’s stomach bag and Each piece of deep-sea marlin blood does not exceed 400 pounds, and most of the time it is only worth 300 pounds. Do you understand what I mean?” Forsi tried to make the Sun understand that this was not a transaction of equal value.
/Derrick answered without hesitation:
“I can give you two or three soul-eater stomach bags.”
As for providing additional deep-sea marlin, he didn’t even think about it. He had never even seen the sea.
I don’t know when I can sell the soul eater’s stomach bags. I don’t know when I can bake them or fry them. The most important thing is that I can’t afford the formula of “Sun Priest” right now. Forsi squeezed out a smile and said :
“I’ll try to collect it.”
She thought of the “Eternal Fierce Sun” believer who wore a mask and was good at purification at Mr. A’s party. She thought of the “Ring of Light” ring, and thought she could get clues to the “Sun Priest” potion formula there.
But the money is not enough. “Magician” Foer thought for a moment, touched his face, looked around, and asked extremely sincerely:
“Everyone, do you have any good ways to make money?”