rows down, slim and graceful, forming a strong contrast with the infatuation just now. contrast. Many male classmates who witnessed this scene glared at Wen Liang, wishing they could beat him into a pig’s head, because now Li Siqing has become a unique existence in the minds of many boys in Minghua Junior High School, but who knows, in the heart of her eyes , Wen Liang is the most unique person in the world!
After Chen Jiayi completed all the enrollment procedures and school ended at noon, Wen Liang took Li Siqing and Chen Ke’s family to a restaurant for dinner, and introduced Li Siqing and Chen Jiayi during the meal. The two lolita hit it off immediately, and with their warm and understanding relationship, they easily got along, which gave Chen Jiayi a good start in her new life.
Wen Liang and Chang Cheng walked out of the big world and received another call from Qin Yin, asking if he was free tomorrow. Wen Liang covered the phone and glanced at Chang Cheng, who whispered: “I’m going to Guanshan to meet Mr. Fan and the others tomorrow.”
Wen Liang let go of his hand and said with a smile: “Sister Qin, can you tell me what’s wrong first? I may go to Guanshan tomorrow, but I may not be free.”
Qin Yin’s fresh and sweet laughter came over and said: “Going to Guanshan? It’s a good relationship. No matter how busy you are, you still have to eat at noon, right? Remember to take lunch Leave your time to me. I will contact you tomorrow. Bye!”
“Hello, sister Qin?” Wen Liang put away the phone and wondered: “It’s so mysterious.”
Chang Cheng smiled and said: “Boss, you have an appointment with a beautiful woman again, right? I said you can’t be too inconsiderate to your subordinates. I see that the boss is getting older. I promised you to introduce a girlfriend last time. When are you going to fulfill it?”
“Get out!”
Wen Liang raised his foot as if to kick, but Chang Cheng hurriedly ran away and hid in the car with a smile, leaving Wen Liang alone to wonder what Qin Yin had done!
/In Guanshan Science and Technology Park, Materia Ruolan’s office building gradually returned to calm after a busy morning. Fan Bo and Meng Fan opened the door, and Wen Liang sat on the boss’s chair in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, pressing his fingers on the armrests and tapping time leisurely. , did not turn around when he heard the knock on the door, and said: “Is the person sending you away?”
“Well, the contract has been signed, and it is in full accordance with the conditions we drafted. Bencao Ruolan will invest 10 million as a sponsor. Phoenix Bird will be fully responsible for all domestic and foreign projects. Publicity matters. The other party did not put forward any suggestions for modification and said that they would fully cooperate with the product promotion. It seems that it is exactly what Mr. Wen said. They are currently extremely short of funds and they sincerely want to accomplish this, so they are easy to talk to and very Thank you for your
timely help.” If Wen Liang remembers correctly, Ke Shouliang sta