. Miao Qing Forget about Yan, she was already crazy. Who knows if she was a new mistress, so she tried her best to protect this kid. But Dou Yang also appeared, which he couldn’t accept. It was like the most common plot on TV, where a poor boy who was bullied by a rich boy suddenly turned into a big shot who visited privately incognito, and then trampled on the rich boy’s shit. , and by the way, he also picked up the beauty Gui. Mo Jun had expected such a script, but the difference was that he wanted to be a rich man as well as a big shot, and he also wanted to be the one who won the beauty’s favor in the end.
/This is normal. When we are young, everyone is so innocent, thinking that the world revolves around them, but they don’t know that the world will never speed up or slow down because of you. The center squeezes in and relies on centripetal force to ensure its position, or it is gradually thrown to the periphery and then abandoned far away by centrifugal force!
A vicious light flashed in Mo Jun’s eyes, which made Wen Liang, who had no intention of arguing with him, change his mind and said with a smile: “There is no need for punishment, but I heard that this classmate Mo Jun has a tendency to harass female classmates. I just witnessed him almost injuring this female classmate. I hope the school can take it seriously and avoid any uncontrollable consequences!” “What
Mr. Wen said is that I will notify the school immediately and come up with a solution today. We will definitely deal with the black sheep in the school seriously!” Dou Yang was also very annoyed. In front of the distinguished guests, the students were so unsatisfactory. If they didn’t punish them severely, where would the face of Beijing Medical University be? If this makes Wen Liang have any bad opinions and affects future cooperation, it will be a huge loss for both the school and him personally!
“Professor Dou, don’t listen to his nonsense. I didn’t harass Lu Yang. We are good friends.”
“Shut up!” Seeing that he was so clueless, Dou Yang became livid and said, “You should report to the Academic Affairs Office now. I will notify you.” Your department leader will go over and explain the situation later. As for the punishment, you’d better be mentally prepared. Don’t go to college for five years and not even graduate in the end!”
Mo Jun’s face turned pale, and in the blink of an eye he saw Lu Pan, Knowing that this matter would eventually fall on her, she took a few steps forward. The boss, Lao Qi, thought that he wanted to start a fight out of anger, so he hurriedly held her back, urging: “Let’s go, let’s go.” Go to the Academic Affairs Office first, don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive.”
Mo Jun couldn’t get away, so he had to shout at Lu Zhan: “Zhan, tell Professor Dou that I didn’t harass you, and we have always been good friends, right? You said so, right?”
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Lu An. Lu An’s eyelashes were trembling. She was fragile and pitiful. After a while, she slowly shook her head and said, “We have never been frie