She had been in the workers’ sports for so many years, and it was not that she didn’t know how Qingzhou Qingpi talked and acted. It was just that Wen Liang’s temperament revealed an indescribable indifference and calmness. , the softness flowing in the deep eyes often gave her the illusion that the person in front of her was not those green men who chased through the streets with steel pipes and relied on bravery to prove their existence, but a cultured person. The masters in another world with their backgrounds and profound cultivation may appear to be close to each other, but in fact they are far away from each other that cannot be reached in a lifetime.
But this occasional outburst, mixed with foul language, made her clearly feel that Wen Liang was still the same little gangster who used a knife to hold Niu Guifang and Sun Mazi when they first met. There may be many differences between the two, but at least The difference in status is not that disappointing.
Jiang Zhilan’s body trembled slightly. She didn’t know why she thought of this. She quickly shook her head to drive out the distracting thoughts in her mind. She unexpectedly made a rare joke and said, “Who was being chased just now?”
Wen Liang had forgotten this. , how thick-skinned he is, licking his face and smiling: “Ahem, that’s an internal fight, it can’t be compared, it can’t be compared.”
Jiang Zhilan smiled, her face was like a peach blossom, blooming with countless charms, for more than ten years, this was her The only time I smiled so brightly and so carefree.
/Wen Liang originally felt that Jiang Zhilan’s life was too bitter and too tiring. She was depressed and unhappy. Sooner or later, she would get sick. If she could make her happy, it was not in vain to say what she said tonight.
“Pan Mingliang is a small matter, let me handle it. Sister-in-law, actually I have another thing that I want to discuss with you. The Qinghe soy milk I mentioned just now, I have a friend who works at their headquarters. It seems that recently The company is collecting secret recipes and practices of various folk meals. I think the spicy spicy soup you make is more in line with the tastes of people on the coast. It not only uses authentic ingredients, but also has personal characteristics. It is a delicacy that no one else can make. How about I introduce that friend to you?”
Jiang Zhilan groaned and said, “Can I do that?”
“Yes, why not? But Qinghe will usually buy out your secret recipe directly, which means that from now on, this kind of You can’t make Hu spicy soup anymore.” Wen Liang was afraid that she would be unable to let go for a while, so he added: “If you don’t want to sell it all at once, you can also discuss with my friend to see how we can cooperate to benefit both of us.”
Jiang Zhilanjing Li Jing looked at Wen Liang and said, “You tell me what to do, and I will listen to you.” “I have
/indeed considered this matter, and I don’t know if it’s right or not. Just listen and take it as a reference. ”
This is not Wen Liang’s polite words. He