Theoretically speaking, the combined strength of all the alien races on the Aslant continent is still higher than that of the human race.
It’s a pity that this is only strength on paper. There are also many conflicts between the major alien races. They lack enough trust in each other and cannot cooperate closely at all.
What’s more, they are still divided across the continent by various human countries. Even if they can really unite, they will not be able to assemble for a while.
If only to save the orcs, a war would be launched in a hurry. The alien races scattered across the continent not only cannot take advantage, but also fall into the embarrassing situation of fighting on their own.
The final outcome is most likely to be defeated one by one by the concentrated forces of all human nations.
After the Orc Empire was crippled, the human race, which originally had a strategic advantage, became more and more obvious over the various races on the mainland.
Correspondingly, the crisis awareness of the senior human race officials also declined. Everyone pays less and less attention to the threat of alien races.
Without the threat of foreign enemies, everyone’s minds became active, but they still retained a certain moral bottom line.
Caesar IV’s operation this time has undoubtedly reduced everyone’s already low moral integrity.
If the two countries succeed in carving up the County of Kolubia, there will be many others who will follow suit. It can be said that a new round of merger frenzy is just around the corner.
/Now it all depends on the ambitions of those in power in several big countries.
If you are ambitious, you can verbally condemn it and secretly add fuel to the flames, trying your best to promote the two countries to annex Kolubia, laying the foundation for their subsequent expansion.
If you don’t have much ambition, then intervene decisively and maintain the current status quo as much as possible.
/Hudson was helpless at this uncontrollable change.
Rules are the thing that cannot stand the test of time. Today you break one rule, tomorrow I break one rule, and the day after tomorrow no one cares about the rules.
The rules gradually lost their effectiveness, and everyone’s moral bottom line continued to be lowered. In the end, the “transition from the Spring and Autumn Period to the Warring States Period” was inevitable.
If this trend cannot be curbed, the Aslant continent will become increasingly difficult to mess with.
He wanted to stop it, but when he put the pen in his hand, Hudson put it down again.
All the diplomatic notes have been sent out. Even if the Alpha Kingdom stops now, the bad political impact has already happened.
What’s more, Caesar IV was not a person who liked to listen to advice. Even a group of princes and ministers in the royal capital could not stop him. Hudson did not believe t