In the McIntosh design studio, Master McIntosh looked at the figure in the news and couldn’t help laughing.
What could make a designer more happy than the exoskeleton armor he designed being worn by a super powerful soldier? What makes him even happier is that David has completely mastered this exoskeleton armor and transformed the exoskeleton into one. The performance of the armor is maximized.
/Master McIntosh opened his identity bracelet and found David to send a message.
David, who was in class, received this message and finally knew what was happening in the outside world.
He was very doubtful about the spread of the video, so after replying and thanking Master McIntosh on his identity bracelet, he connected to the Sky Dome intelligent system in the villa.
As the Tianqiong intelligent system appears longer, its capabilities become more powerful.
“Balfour!” David murmured as he looked at the name of the owner of the identity bracelet.
David was not surprised that Balfour did such a thing. He had made Balfour so embarrassed that day. With Balfour’s status as a high-ranking person, he would naturally take revenge.
Just giving the video to the news media surprised David, wondering what Balfour was planning to do.
But it doesn’t matter. As long as David knows that Balfour is plotting against him, he will know who to fight back.
In David’s villa, the Sky Dome Intelligence System targeted Balfour, and a large amount of Balfour’s information was collected.
Tracking the use of Balfour’s identity bracelet, coupled with the data storage of the Skynet surveillance system, Balfour’s whereabouts in recent years have been controlled by the Skynet intelligent system.
Not to mention that Balfour himself is not a very upright person, and no one can guarantee that he will not make any mistakes for several years.
That night, just when the news about “Sword Killing Police” was getting popular, another news appeared, and it was not just in the news, but that news could be seen everywhere on Skynet.
In the news, a series of bribes received and offered by Balfour, the head of the Renka Star Branch of Yaka Bank, were exposed to the public through various surveillance videos.
In addition to these, videos of Balfour having rooms with various women, including married women, and even men have spread crazily on Skynet.
Open almost any news page on Skynet and there will be content related to Balfour.
In fact, many editors don’t know how this news got posted, at least they didn’t handle it, it just seemed like it suddenly appeared.
According to the influence of Balfour and Yaka Bank, even if there is such news, it will be difficult to make it public.
At night, Balfour sat on the balcony, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, looking at the night in the distance.
Losing that item greatly affected his status in Yaca Bank.
There are many people eyeing the position of Lenka Xingyaka Bank Branch President, and this failure put him under great pressure.
Fortunately, his relatio