David picked up the sniper rifle, the ammunition box on the side, the accessories on the sniper’s exoskeleton armor, and finally put away the camouflage cloth.
“That’s all. The rest should be thanked Captain for his help!” David said while putting the sniper rifle back into the gun case aside.
“Thank you. The remaining equipment will be used as Lieutenant Jeffrey’s pension. These military scoundrels are simply crazy. They dare to do it in the Battle Fortress!” the captain said in a deep voice.
He didn’t hide the identity of David’s attacker, and he believed David could figure it out as well.
With these corpses, the disobedience of Battlestar, and the murder of Lieutenant Jeffrey, this was enough to give that group of forces a heavy counterattack.
/David returned to the Razer modified ship. Captain Hope and the crew did not know about David’s attack, so they returned to the Razer modified ship while laughing.
In fact, many people were skeptical about the fact that David destroyed the Thunder Mercenary Group by himself, because they had not seen it with their own eyes, and not everyone had the permission to see the video.
But this time David killed four soldiers in a row, and there was also a terrifying sniper soldier among them. This was witnessed by many people.
David sat in the cockpit and looked at the warship ahead. He was a little doubtful about everything now, so after he entered the Razer modified ship, he was ordered to turn on the energy shield.
On the largest display screen in front of the cockpit, there are always red fonts prompting the prohibited terms here.
“Mr. David, the last line of defense is ahead. I have handed it over for you. You can pass directly!” The captain’s voice came to the cockpit through the channel.
David looked out the porthole, and everything outside shocked him.
He saw a huge fleet, a real fleet.
The endless warships that cannot be seen at a glance show the hugeness of this fleet. The outermost are light reconnaissance ships, followed by frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and huge aircraft carriers.
The Razer modified ship flies between warships, which is a passage with warships as walls.
“Mr. David, take care along the way!” the captain said his last goodbyes as the Razer modified ship flew out of the channel.
“Thank you Captain, see you later!” David said. He turned to Captain Hope and ordered: “Captain Hope, move forward at full speed!”
“Warp engine No. 1 is charged 50%, warp engine No. 2 is charged 50%, and enters warp flight!” Captain Hope loudly ordered the crew.
David stood up and returned to his room.
The harvest from this battle was very little, but the trophies obtained from the sniper soldier were very attractive to him.
In the room, David assembled the sniper rifle from the sniper rifle box. This sniper rifle was the famous ‘Eye of Death’.
Among the four soldier