Various quarrels appeared on the forum, and David’s challenge attracted more soldiers.
David didn’t understand why he had set up a charging mode, but batches of soldiers still paid to enter the auditorium to watch the battle for only ten seconds.
After seeing a battle that was like adults bullying children, these soldiers who had watched the battle came to the forum to participate in the crusade against ‘Invincible’.
Competing for resources with young soldiers, this behavior made many soldiers filled with indignation, and the angry calls also attracted the attention of Skynet’s supervision.
Skynet’s supervision does not have the authority to find out the identity of ‘Invincible’. This identity is protected by law. Unless there are relevant documents from the court, Skynet will not activate the function of displaying the true identity.
/Although the identity of ‘Invincible’ cannot be revealed, his approximate age range can still be queried.
“‘Invincible’ is a younger generation of soldiers, and everything in the Soldier Virtual World is operating normally!” The ‘Soldier Virtual World’ made an official response, which can be regarded as ending the matter of ‘Invincible”s identity.
But this made the soldiers even more crazy. A younger generation of soldiers was actually sweeping all the challenging soldiers.
David challenged that there were more spectators in the auditorium beside the ring, which made David doubt what James said about points being hard to earn.
Although 0.1 points is a small amount, and although half of the handling fee has been deducted by Skynet, the small amount adds up to a big gain. With a large number of viewers, David’s points income suddenly became more.
David continued to end the battles at an average speed of thirty seconds.
The more victories there were, the more enthusiastic the audience became. After defeating a hundred challenging soldiers, the auditorium was almost full every time.
After there were no more questions, all the audience shouted the word “invincible” loudly.
David’s list of challenges has not decreased because he has completed a hundred challenges, but has increased.
Many young and powerful men want to fight against the “Invincible”. Even if they are killed instantly, they still want to feel the gap between them and the super soldier who is called “Invincible” by Skynet.
James, who had been watching the battle, was a little depressed. He saw a familiar or unfamiliar soldier being killed by David in an instant. He also saw that David also had a ‘speed talent’ and was faster than him.
This ruthless crushing of strength made James doubt his own strength again.
Fox Chaofan’s words to persuade him were completely groundless.
However, when David’s battlefield expanded to 300 games, James’s mentality became calmer. What could be compared with this perversion.
By the time David set the time at eleven o’