od up and said with a smile: “Propaganda has discipline and research has no boundaries. It can be used as a topic. Prepare well and try to participate in the project opening report meeting next week.”
Everything is done in advance, and failure in advance will lead to failure.
The proposal of a project is the beginning of substantive research work. The proposal of a project is related to the direction and process of the research, as well as to the quality of the project research.
According to the process, graduate students first write and submit a project proposal report. The school research team will invite relevant experts to participate in the project proposal meeting and conduct a defense, which can be said to be a very serious academic activity.
The supervisor has to convince the research team, and even personally invite experts in related fields. If the proposal report can be successfully passed, and if the graduation thesis is also good, it means that you can obtain a master’s degree by the end of next year.
When meeting such a mentor, Han Bo really didn’t know how to thank him.
/There are many instructors in the school, but Han Bo is not a squadron leader (equivalent to a class teacher), and he teaches boring professional courses, and the courses are abridged.
The future development trends of the crime of falsely issuing VAT invoices and some investigation methods are mainly provided to on-the-job police officers. The trainee police officers are not official police officers. They don’t know what positions they will be assigned to in the future, or even whether they will become police officers after graduation. They can only be taught some basic knowledge.
In short, he is definitely the most inconspicuous among all the instructors.
At the end of the class, the students dropped their books one after another as if they had been “liberated” and started talking about it.
“What’s the use of studying all this all day? I’m not an accountant.”
“If you don’t study and give it a try, let’s see what you do if he doesn’t let you pass.
” A student looked at Han Bo’s back and said angrily: “Undergraduate student What’s so great about teaching undergraduates, other than graduating a few years earlier?”
“The squadron leader said he was a graduate student!”
“What are you studying, studying this?” The tall student pointed to the textbook and said with disdain: “In school He can be an instructor, but if he goes to the public security bureau or to the grassroots level, he can only be an accountant, and he will work hard to become the financial section chief. He is said to be a policeman, but in fact he is still an accountant.”
Whoever applies for the investigation department does not want to be a criminal policeman, and the students are interested in economic investigation I wasn’t interested in the course, and instructor Han, who was a few years older than me, was full of opinions.
That’s almost it. Is it interesting to be so serious? There are exams next Friday and I get a headache just thinking a