a lot of problems. It’s okay to say that they are separated, but if they meet a leader, plus there are many people and they are all quick-tongued and sarcastic, together they will be a disaster.
Wen Liang first whispered: “I’ll settle the score with you when I get back.” Then he turned to look at the excited girls in class two and said with a smile: “Sisters, listen to me” ”
/Who is your sister, you gangster!”
” Yes, do I know you? Shameless!”
Wen Liang’s smile remained unchanged and said: “Sisters”
“Who is your sister!” All the girls in the second class said in unison, with bright smiles on their faces, determined never to give Be gentle and save face.
Wen Liang smiled even brighter and said: “Beauties”
“Who is the beauty?”
Now it was the turn of the girls in class one to laugh. Liu Bei laughed so much that he crawled on the table and could hardly stand upright, and said: “Okay, That’s great, you said yourself that you are not beautiful.”
Ponytail said seriously: “The students in Class 2 are very honest!”
/All the girls in Class 2 made a big fuss, and their momentum suddenly weakened. Wen Liang was so proud that he could defeat many with one. Xu Yao rolled her eyes at him angrily, touched Ning Xiaoning, and muttered: “Isn’t it childish?”
“Ah, what?”
Ning Xiaoning raised her head, her expression was dazed, and her big clear eyes seemed to contain the intoxicating feeling of spring. , a wisp of black hair beside the ear, swaying slightly, arousing the emotions of countless girls!
Xu Yao had never seen Ning Xiaoning look so strange. She put her hand on her forehead and asked, “What’s wrong, Xiaoning, your face is so hot!”
Ning Xiaoning suddenly felt guilty and didn’t dare to look at Xu Yao’s face. He turned his head to avoid her little hand and said, “Maybe the room is a little hot. It’s getting late. Let’s settle the matter quickly. We should go back to the classroom.”
Xu Yao’s black eyes were on her face. He turned around and nodded without further questioning. The girls in the first class seized the opportunity created by Wen Liang and ridiculed the girls in the second class as if they were performing a cross talk. Their sharp words and harsh words amazed Wen Liang, a classmate who has been influenced by the Internet. Otherwise, it is said that poetry is among the people, and the wisdom of the masses is the great wisdom!
The girls in class two were retreating steadily. Thinking of Wen Liang as the culprit, they glared at him and were about to go into a collective rage the next moment. Seeing the situation, Xu Yao didn’t wait for a second, slammed the table, and said loudly: “Shut up if you are making any noise!”
The room suddenly became quiet, and all the lolita were impressed by Xu Yao’s lustful power. He secretly praised: What a momentum!
“Today is for negotiation, not quarreling. If anyone talks more, we will turn around and leave! Pei Min, do you still want to reconcile?”
Pei Min comforted the girls and said with a smile, “Okay, we are all women. Children, there are boys here