f a farmer. He is relatively objective when talking about past glory and current difficulties. In the words of later generations, he can be regarded as a kind person.
“What GB8537? What is this?” Fu Jinjing was confused.
/Only then did Wen Liang realize that he had not thought it through in his utterance, and hurriedly explained: “Well, it is China’s standard for drinking natural mineral water. It was just released this year. It is normal for Director Fu not to know.”
/Fu Jinjing smiled bitterly: “How can I still be in the mood? Regardless of those, it seems that the factory is about to fail. Sales have started to stagnate since the end of last year. This year is even worse. For some reason, mineral water has become a street rat. Everyone is shouting about it, saying that it is harmful to health and the quality rate is low. No, it’s even more unsaleable. There are dozens of workers’ homes with hundreds of mouths waiting for food, and the leaders of the township and county are also looking forward to paying more taxes. Besides, there are not many companies in Yishan that can offer it. Staring at me, the burden on my shoulders is so heavy that I can hardly breathe.”
Wen Liang nodded and said nothing. He mentally estimated the possibility of taking over the factory and the funds, manpower, and resources that would be used, and how to manage it. How can we leverage the greatest benefits at the least cost? These must be completed as soon as possible!
Next, Wen Liang visited the production line. Due to the sharp decline in sales, only one of the four production lines for bottled water is still running every now and then. Wen Liang carefully checked the whole process. He didn’t know much about technical things, but that didn’t matter. The development prospects of drinking water were promising. There would be a market worth tens of billions in less than ten years, but the entry threshold was very low. In terms of technical content, we have to count backwards among the major profit-making industries. If you want to gain a foothold in this field, technology is just a leaf.
Surrounding the water plant is the most famous Yunyan Lakes in Yishan. Dozens of small and medium-sized lakes are connected together. They are all high-quality water sources that gush out from deep underground. This directly eliminates the high cost of drilling deep wells and is extremely low-cost. But even so, it is still dragged down by the inherent shortcomings of township and village enterprises such as lagging behind in business philosophy and poor marketing methods, and has reached the miserable state it is in today. The process of mineral water is very simple. It enters the raw water tank from the water source, passes through the quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter, and then enters the mineral water tank after being oxidized by the RO host. It is then divided into two production lines to make the finished product for sale. Wen Liang rarely speaks, and only slightly nods or shakes his head when he hears something. Fu Jinjing may