the public security organs want to solve the case, there may be more insiders. Even the top leaders of other party and government departments do not know anything about it.
The case being solved by his old subordinates was too sensitive, so naturally Hou Xiufeng would not reveal it easily. He held his old colleague’s hand tightly and said with a bitter smile, “You can’t say it. Stop asking. Don’t let me make mistakes.”
“It doesn’t matter. Just pretend I didn’t ask.”
“Okay, let’s start early. After dinner, we have to go to the district committee for duty. Lao Ding and Lao Gu, I’ll greet you in front. You can’t drink today.” ”
I can’t drink anymore. I went for a physical the day before yesterday and the doctor said there was a liver problem. .”
“We should learn from Han Bo in this regard. We don’t smoke or drink. How good!”
“Lao Hou, don’t stand. Please tell everyone to sit down.”
Seven or eight families, more than thirty people, not in the banquet hall, one There is no room in the big box.
In order to let everyone eat and drink well, Hou Xiufeng decided that there would be a box for men, a box for women, and a box for children. Hou Jingjing became the “big sister” and “child head”, and was responsible for taking care of the children in the children’s box.
“Xiao Lei, you can’t go there. If Han Bo is not here, you have to be the representative.”
“Mr. Qian, I can’t drink now. I’ll go to the opposite side to accompany my mother.”
Mr. Ding looked behind her and whispered: “We have something very important to report to Hou Chang. It’s related to the future of the group. You’d better participate.” ”
It’s related to the future of the group!”
There are so many things to do in the seven or eight branches of the group, and each of them is busier than the last. , even on New Year’s Day, it was impossible to take a full vacation. Li Xiaolei suddenly realized that they would go to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing, and the next thing to talk about must be big things.
“Okay, let me tell my mother.” He
/said hello to his mother-in-law and mother, walked into the big box, and gently closed the door. Mr. Gu had already begun to report the situation.
“The county’s finances are tight. How can it be as tight as it was in the past few years? Secretary Luo didn’t listen to our opinions at all. He didn’t read the materials we handed in at all. We knew nothing about the entire negotiation process until County Magistrate Yang brought people to After inspecting the group, we saw a merger and reorganization plan.”
“It was said to be a merger and reorganization, but in fact it was a sale, packaging the group to Xinrui Group.”
Secretary Xie was transferred, and a new secretary was hired from Si Gang.
The person who has the most affection for the group is definitely Hou Xiufeng. He pondered for a moment and felt helpless and said: “I am neither the leader of the group nor a cadre who wants to work, so I have no say in this issue.” .”
“Hou Chang, you started the group by yourself, why don’t you hav