On the other side of the channel, there are ten warships rushing to the battlefield. They already know about the battle just now through the sharing system.
The king of the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ used its own mutation ability to separate the soil. It was a little embarrassed at the moment. Although the third-level zerg had the ability to fight against the battleship, it was definitely not in this situation.
The most important thing is that although the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ king is very strong, it also has its biggest shortcoming. It has no legs. The only real third-level physical melee attack is its teeth, and its tail is just brute force.
This makes it difficult for the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King to make an effective attack in close proximity with the frigate without using its petrification ability.
/A special spaceship hovered in the air, and then three figures wearing ‘extraordinary armor’ rushed out, followed by David’s distinctively customized exoskeleton armor.
“Let’s hold it back!” Kenny yelled extraordinary. He waved the third-level heavy ax in his hand and rushed downwards.
“David, look for opportunities!” Dunbar confessed to David Chaofan and rushed down.
Beecher gave David a thumbs up, with a third-level spear in front, rushing down like a sharp arrow.
With the addition of three extraordinary people, his confidence has greatly increased.
The ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King is indeed very powerful, but after the last defeat, the extraordinary people have studied the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King’s fighting style, and they naturally know the flaws of the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King.
The only attack method of the “Stone Skin Worm” King is petrified gas. As for the tail attack, for the faster Chaoyang, unless it is in a daze on the battlefield, it will not be hit.
So just as Kenny Chaofan and other three Chaotics rushed down, the three Chaotics on Draper Chaofan’s side also surrounded him.
The six extraordinary ones just happened to surround the King of Stone Skin Worms, and they carefully controlled the distance from the King of Stone Skin Worms.
Just when the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King spewed out a mouthful of petrifying gas at Kenny Chaofan, Kenny Chaofan immediately retreated because the distance was far enough and the mouthful of petrified gas could not hit.
And at the moment when the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king spewed out petrifying gas, behind it, Aneurin rushed up quickly and hit the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king with a hammer.
The force used by this hammer uses a technique to reduce the anti-shock force. Although this weakens the effect of the attack, it will not affect its own reaction force due to the anti-shock force.
“Dunbar, when attacking the ‘Stoneskin Worm’ King, you must not use all your strength. Its counterattack force is enough to cause the attacker to suffer damage himself!” Anellin retreated with a single blow, and did not forget to use it to his fellow attackers. Warhammer’s Dunbar superbly explains.
/“I will pay attention!” Dun