g beyond the shops and factories on both sides of the road, you can see the continuous villages and the endless, golden rice fields that will be harvested by farmers in ten and a half days. A dirt road led into the distance. Wang Bo saw a river and shady trees along the river, so he pointed to Sun Li and said that he could walk along the river.
The two walked along the dirt road toward the river in the distance. Sun Li, who came to the wilderness, became lively again and told Wang Bo many things about her childhood. Because his parents were also divorced, and he had the experience of being a child of a single-parent family for more than a year, he felt something special about Sun Li, a beautiful, quiet, and natural-tempered girl from a single-parent family. A feeling of closeness.
After walking on a dirt road about a mile long, the two came to the river. The river is not wide, about four or five meters wide. There are still dirt roads on both sides, but there are many tall and short trees growing on the road near the river, casting a large amount of shade. The two of them walked upstream along the shade of trees one after another, along with the gurgling river water that never ceased day and night.
After walking about another mile, there was a raised slope in front of us, surrounded by green lawns. Wang Bo saw that Sun Li was out of breath and her bulging chest was rising and falling, so he suggested to take a rest on a high slope. Sun Li nodded. She was really tired after walking for one kilometer in a row.
When he came to this grassy slope, Wang Bo took a closer look. He didn’t see any dirty things like ****, so he sat on the ground. Sun Li also sat down next to Wang Bo.
The wind picked up, and it was still a bit strong, causing Sun Li’s short hair to dance in the wind. She opened her satchel and took out a blue hairpin with a few small crystals on one side to pin the hair on the side closest to Wang Bo. Wang Bo took a closer look and saw that it was Sun Li’s birthday gift that he had given her last time. He didn’t want her to still use it.
Seeing that Wang Bo seemed to be looking at the hairpin on her head, Sun Li felt a little embarrassed and whispered: “Brother Bo, I haven’t thanked you for the birthday gift you gave me last time. Thank you, I really like this hairpin. ”
You’re welcome. I didn’t know what you liked at the time, so I just picked one at random!” Wang Bo waved his hand. He was very happy that the other person liked it and was still using it.
/Because the two of them were sitting on the top of a grassy slope, they were condescending. In front of them was the endless, heavy golden rice fields, behind them was the clear, unpolluted river water, and below them was the soft, green carpet-like lawn. , the cool breeze, the murmuring river water, this scene with a good harvest is quite pleasant for people who have lived in the city for a long time.
For a while, the two of them didn’t talk much, they just looked into the distance and enjoyed the scenery that was rarely seen on weekdays.