rom the West Sea Dragon Palace, or immortals, the Fourth Princess of the West Sea Dragon Palace!”
Wang Ningshen He frowned deeply and remained silent.
Not long after, Leng Huaping came back and when he saw Wang Ning coming back, he said, “Let’s hear about Tang Rouyu’s situation first and then tell us the news you got.”
So, Tang Rouyu told everyone’s experience in detail. Leng Huaping, the more Wang Ning and others listened, the uglier their expressions became. When Tang Rouyu finished speaking, Qi Xiaoyun said blankly: “How could this happen? Zhugang Hyena is so powerful, so do we still have a way to survive? Even Monk Sha can easily wipe out our group, and Zhu Gang Hyena is so strong.” Leng Huaping said: “So, now Yin Kuang doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead?” Although Leng Huaping didn’t like Yin Kuang very much, she really didn’t want anything to happen to Yin Kuang at this moment. Don’t talk about him, Wang Ning couldn’t be happy even if he wished that Yin Kuang really turned his head.
Tang Rouyu sighed: “Now we can only hope that the Dragon Girl of the West Sea will not embarrass Yin Kuang for saving her life. It’s just that Yin Kuang was seriously injured, and the self-repair of the ‘G Undead Body’ seems to be difficult.” It has failed. If he is not treated in time, he will not survive without the Dragon Girl of the West Sea taking action.”
Wang Ning breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Don’t worry, as long as he doesn’t die completely on the spot, he will never die.” Qiu Yun Asked: “How do you know?” Wang Ning glanced at Qiu Yun, “Little sister, if you are so nervous about Yin, you may have fallen in love with him, right?” Qiu Yun suddenly turned red with anger, “You are talking nonsense. !” Wang Ning pouted and said: “Because Yin Kuang believes in the god Ava in “Avatar”, he will always be in a state of absolute balance. As long as he doesn’t die at that time, he will not die. Of course, If effective treatment is not implemented, you will always be in a state of half-dead and half-alive, commonly known as half-dead. Miraculously, this is not much different from being dead.”
Tang Rou said: “Are you so sure?”
Wang Ning said: “I might as well tell you, I I also believe in ‘Ava’. I was half-dead before. Maybe without that little girl’s ‘spiritual blood’ I would never wake up again. All you have to pray for now is not whether the Dragon Girl of the West Sea can kill him, but whether she can save him. Save him.”
Tang Rouyu and others were stunned. To save a murderer who killed his brother with his own hands?
is it possible?
Let’s say that the half-dead Yin Kuang was abducted by the Fourth Princess of the West Sea Dragon. After wandering through the clouds and mist for a while, he swooped down through the clouds, fell straight into the sky for nine days, and finally slipped into a lake silently.
I dived straight down into the lake and reached the bottom of the lake in a short while. I saw that there was a strange place at the bottom of the lake, which was in the shape of a hemisphe