ade such jokes with others.
If it were anyone else, and on other occasions, Li Jiaqi would have thought that this leadership style was not good, or even suspected of sexual harassment. He is not someone else. He said these words to enlighten himself, which can be called a good intention.
“Han detachment, Xuewen brought some bacon from his hometown. Please open the car door and I will put it in your car later.” Li Jiaqi didn’t know how to respond and hurriedly changed the subject.
“Thank you.”
“President Li” likes to eat, and his old classmate brings it every year. This is not considered bribery. Han Bo took out the key. The car was parked downstairs and the door was opened remotely. There was no need to get out.
/The leader was busy with work, and Li Jiaqi was about to stand up and leave. Han Bo took out a stack of materials from the drawer: “Jiaqi, this is a copy of the autopsy report. If you have time, help me study it.”
/“From 1990?”
“Chen In an old case, the body was cremated.”
Li Jiaqi flipped through a few pages and asked with a sad face: “Detachment Han, the body was cremated. What can you tell by just looking at the materials.”
“Reconstruct the scene based on the materials and photos, with your professional level and experience Help me analyze how the suspect committed the crime. Is it more likely that an acquaintance committed the crime or a stranger committed the crime? Only by clarifying this issue can we further speculate on the murderer’s motive based on other circumstances.” Cha
. It’s not that easy to have a backlog of cases.
Li Jiaqi found it incredible, but she still agreed: “Okay, I’ll try.”
“Go ahead and keep it confidential.”
After sending the female forensic doctor away, the phone rang again.
Nowadays, everyone has a convenient map. They clearly have a landline number and know that mobile phone calls are expensive, but in order to find someone, they always call the mobile phone first. Looking at the caller ID, it turned out to be the call from Deputy Director Shi Xianghui of the Sigang County Public Security Bureau. An old leader, old colleague, and old friend had to answer the call.
“Shi Bureau, Han Bo, what’s going on?”
“Xiao Han, let me tell you two pieces of good news. Liu Xu escorted Hao Li back and he was just sent to the detention center. The mentally ill man you rescued from Haigang City back then The woman, her relative, her husband, also arrived. The abduction and trafficking of more than ten women was a very serious case. Wasn’t it reported back then? The main criminal Hao Li during the online pursuit was a B-level wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security. Zhu who came to our county bureau to guide the anti-trafficking case. The director has been in constant contact with Wang Yan and was deeply impressed by the case. After receiving Wang Yan’s call, he immediately reported it to the department leaders. Over a span of five or six years, our public security agencies have not only been pursuing the case, but have also rescued so many abducted women