Just as the soldiers were retreating, the corpse that was suddenly blocked in the passage was pushed away by a huge force and thrown towards the retreating soldiers.
These are all their brothers. Some of the soldiers reached out to pick them up, while some more cautious ones accelerated and retreated.
After David threw the corpse in the passage, he did not hesitate. He exerted force on his feet and jumped out after the thrown corpse.
“Be careful, form a formation!” The captain obviously saw David and shouted.
Because the corpses affected the movements of the soldiers, when they heard there was danger, they slowed down their formation.
David stabbed the spear in his hand more than ten times in succession, and immediately retreated back into the passage without checking the results.
When the soldiers reorganized their battle formation, they discovered that David’s raid had once again killed ten of their brothers.
“Back another twenty meters!” the captain rearranged his position.
The previous ten meters were too close to David. With David’s speed, the distance of ten meters was just one step. It was too easy to make a surprise attack.
The captain did not expect that David would be so bold, facing so many elite soldiers, and dare to rush out of the channel that has a geographical advantage for him.
/At this time, Captain Flower and the Weapon Master with intact combat strength also came over, while the other two Weapon Masters were left in place to take care of the seriously injured Weapon Master.
“Master David, you are so cruel!” Captain Flower almost broke his teeth when he saw that there were more than forty elite soldiers missing. He shouted angrily.
“How can Captain Flower be ruthless? You are planning to destroy the entire Starflyer. Otherwise, how could the Starflyer Company hire me to deal with you?” David said with a sneer.
“Although you have a geographical advantage, you can’t kill us in this situation. If you wait for a while, other mercenary groups will come to check. By then, it will be difficult for you to leave the universe of Jacques. !” Captain Flower said in a deep voice.
This is also true. They dare not let the soldiers die again, but after David’s successful raid, they are also on guard. It will be difficult for David to raid again.
/The result of a stalemate here is likely to be a lose-lose situation for both sides.
When the rest of the mercenary groups learn about the situation of the Red Fire Mercenary Group, they will definitely add insult to injury. As for David, his behavior is a challenge to the entire Yak Star mercenary world.
After the other mercenary groups know what happened, it is possible that the entire Yax mercenary community will dispatch to hunt down David.
One person destroyed the Red Fire Mercenary Group, which was almost a slap in the face of the entire Yak Star mercenary community, not to mention that David also destroyed the Shadow Mercenary Group before t