im in the middle of the night for no reason. There was only one possibility. The bastard named Qian told them everything.
Ding Changgui realized the seriousness of the problem and was trembling with fear.
what to do?
That’s killing people!
If you kill someone to pay for your life, you have to explain whether you will be sentenced to death. But if you don’t explain it now, it will probably be the death penalty. If you do, there is still a glimmer of hope. Time passed by second by second. Ding Changgui did not dare to hesitate anymore and hurriedly said: “Report to the government, I will explain. I reported Qian Zhongming, who instigated me to hit Wu Jun, he was the principal culprit, and I was an accessory.”
/As the main investigator of this case, Han Bo was waiting thousands of miles away.
Yesterday, I checked the exit records at Muzhang Customs and Border Inspection Station, and it was confirmed that Hao Yingliang did not leave the country from this point. All he can do now is wait, and wait for him to surrender.
Although the waiting time was not long, Ying Chengwen was a little anxious while waiting.
“Han Bureau, will he leave the country from here?”
“He has taken this route, traveling by car, not with a group. He drove from Dongping to India. He is very familiar with the situation at Muzhang Port. Smuggling here For this kind of thing, most people will directly think of the China-Myanmar border or the southeast coast. Who would think of this port that many public security policemen in internal provinces have never heard of. Moreover, the control here is not very strict. If you don’t have a visa, you can go to a travel agency to apply for it. A one-day trip, if it were me, I would definitely leave from here.”
Han Bo believed in his own judgment, smiled slightly with the armed police soldiers, walked to the bridge and admired the increasingly lively scene around him.
It is only 90 kilometers from here to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Those with visas can go directly through the customs and bridge. For those without passports or visas, local travel agencies can help with one-day outbound tours in Nepal.
It is worth mentioning that according to the agreement reached by the Chinese and Nepali governments, border residents on both sides can freely enter and exit within 30 kilometers of the border between the two sides. From Muzhang Customs to Youyi Qiaotou, Nepalese border residents can come and go without any formalities.
In the past few years, under the coordination of the two governments, the two sides spontaneously formed a free trade market.
To Han Bo and others, the products in the Qiaotou market are ordinary daily necessities, such as leather shoes, soaps, flashlights, household appliances, shirts, rice cookers, etc., but they are still very attractive to Nepalese border residents. It’s powerful, not expensive, and with duty-free shopping at the border trade market, it’s worth a visit.
From dawn to now, border residents from Nepal have been passing through the Friendship Bridge c