rag on for several years. During this period, all benefits will remain unchanged. Applicants can come up with various options in these few years. This method continues to stay in order to achieve the purpose of legal settlement.
But he chose New York, USA.
/The largest city in the United States was the promised land for the stowaways from his hometown. It symbolized wealth, freedom, and opportunities for self-realization.
After all, Trite was disheartened.
He raised his head and took a peek at Han Bo, and shook his head: “I’m not running away.”
“You really won’t run away?”
“Officer Han, I promise.”
“Keep your word.” Han Bo patted his arm, took out a pen and paper and continued. Ask about the situation.
He came with Wang Jin, and was deceived by the immigration agency together with Wang Jin. The situation he told was exactly the same. Passengers flying to Hong Kong were notified by the announcement to check in. Several other people wanted to ask but had no time to ask, so they just watched them. Walk towards the check-in desk, walk onto the corridor bridge and disappear from sight.
The plane took off on time, slowly slid down the runway, and roared into the blue sky.
Han Bo looked through the glass for a while, looked back at Qu Sheng, and walked out of the airport side by side with his bag in hand.
“Counsellor Han, how are you?” Liu Xincun, who had been waiting in the car, asked curiously as soon as he arrived at the parking lot.
“It’s quite cooperative, but it’s a pity that they don’t know much.”
“They should know who the person who is responding here is, right?”
“I only know that the guy’s name is Brother Ming, he is in his thirties, of medium build, with a southern Fujian accent, Sanqi I have a small haircut, and there is a mole here on my nose.”
Liu Xincun handed over a bottle of water, frowned and said: “There are many people from Fujian Province in South Africa. He is not doing a serious job and is unlikely to join the Chamber of Commerce. Does his name have ” Ming’ doesn’t know, and he doesn’t have a photo. It’s hard to find this person.”
“It shouldn’t be difficult to get a photo.” Qu Sheng leaned on the car and looked at the terminal. “He went to pick up a few people who just returned. Guy, I bought a ticket to Zimbabwe and checked in. The time and place are clear. There should be surveillance at the airport.” ”
Flight records! The airline must have his flight records. Not only can they get his photos, they can also find out who he is. His true identity!”
In the past, there was nothing that could be done about this kind of thing. Now that there is a police liaison officer, he can cooperate with the South African law enforcement agencies to destroy the gang that organized the smuggling. Liu Xiancun became more and more excited as he thought about it.
The smuggling gang is so disgusting!
Organizing smuggling not only violates the law and seriously damages the country’s image, but has also directly led to one tragedy after another in the past few years, forcing people to j