ld change drastically. Therefore, Yin Kuang was not surprised by Bai Lu’s changes, and at the same time, he did not feel much regret or regret in his heart.
At this moment, if Wesker hadn’t been really strong, Yin Kuang would not have released the ferocious beast “Greedy Wolf Soul”. In fact, even though the Greedy Wolf Soul has many flaws, there is no doubt that it is powerful and its destructive power is even greater than that of the Purple Dragon Soul! The power of two powerful souls united in one place can be imagined. If Wesker still doesn’t die, then Yin Kuang and others will die.
/Everyone silently looked at the place where the two energies of purple and blood were intertwined, praying silently in their hearts.
/However, at this moment, a black whirlwind suddenly rolled up, lifting up the purple dragon soul flame and the greedy wolf soul flame. Like the remaining candles in the wind, the two soul flames gradually became thinner. The cobwebs that bound Wesker also disappeared.
“It’s over.”
Despair, unprecedented despair, is growing crazily in everyone’s hearts like wormwood.
“What are you doing standing still!? Waiting to die!” Li Shuangmugu urged Jiuyang Zhenqi to roar loudly, just like a lion’s roar. The huge sound shook away the confusion, fear, and despair in everyone’s hearts. When everyone woke up, Li Shuangmu had already jumped up and performed the “Sword Swinging Style”. The escaping Nine Sun Qi was spinning crazily, wrapping Li Shuangmu in it. The rusty sword, which had had its layer of rust removed for a long time, stirred the air and made a strange “buzzing” sound, as if something was about to rush out from inside.
In the black whirlwind around Wesker, several black lights suddenly shot out, stabbing Li Shuangmu. However, as soon as those black tentacles approached Li Shuangmu, they were twisted into pieces by the rapidly rotating rusty sword. The broken tentacles fell to the ground like rain, and after a few twists, they froze completely.
Wesker shouted, and the black whirlwind also stopped, and its tentacles rushed towards Li Shuangmu like a black meteor shower. At this time, Li Shuangmu finally couldn’t resist anymore. In an instant, he was tangled up in black tentacles, twisted into a ball of wool, and tightened and squeezed crazily.
Li Shuangmu is in danger!
“Drink!” Suddenly, a figure jumped up high and shouted, and the dazzling purple flames illuminated the entire space again. Needless to say, it was Yin Kuang. Although he was extremely exhausted, but seeing that Li Shuangmu was about to be strangled to death by the tentacles, he could not ignore it. So, he took out the Qinglong Yanyue Sword that had not been used for a long time. Although the Azure Dragon Soul was unwilling to cooperate, Yin Kuang was too lazy to talk nonsense with it at this moment. He directly instilled the power of the Purple Dragon Soul into the Azure Dragon Yanyue Sword, and then slashed Huashan with the simplest but most powerful move, and slashed towards Wesker. .
A slash of the kni