oked like nerds. It seemed that they were bullied a lot in high school. In the United States, grades are not used to distinguish good from bad. Cheerleaders and football players are the only ones who are talented. Is the most popular in school.
/Angelica said: “Brown University has nearly 300 student groups, which often hold various activities on campus. Typical representatives include musical instrument groups, improvisational performance groups, dance groups, drama groups, etc.” “If you love sports
, Sports, outing clubs, badminton, cycling, polo, etc. will also make you like it, but I don’t recommend you do it. You know, you are still too young.”
Han Xuan nodded helplessly. The freshmen around him were only around 20. If his face were not tender, he would be no different from an adult. Watching along the way, many students knew Angelica and greeted her with a smile. They were not at all reserved but almost like friends.
We led the grandfather and grandson to the office building. The place had just been renovated during the winter vacation, and the smell had not dissipated. The first thing that caught our eyes when we entered was the school badge, which was red, white and black, and looked very simple.
It is composed of elements such as the sun, books, and crosses. The entire graphic composition resembles a classroom, with books placed on neat desks and students pursuing knowledge facing the sun.
The principal’s office is on the top floor, and you have to climb six floors to get there, and the stairs are not that long. Mr. Han was out of breath. He rarely had time to exercise, and he was already in his 60s.
Seeing the Principal’s Office sign hanging outside the door, he pushed it straight in and leaned on the simple sofa. He smiled and cursed: “You charge more than 20,000 US dollars in tuition every year and don’t install an elevator. Gregorian, you are really stingy.”
/“I’ve gotten used to it after climbing for a few years. The school’s funds are very tight. How about you donate some money to us? You know, the school has many teachers, so everything costs a lot of money. The tuition fee is high, but the scholarships are also high. Last year, we ended up with a budget deficit. , I still owe the teacher’s year-end benefits.”
“I have reduced my salary by half since the beginning of this year. I have to divide it into two meals to buy a piece of bread. How can I have the money to pay for this.”
The white principal looked at Han Xuan when he came in. After he finished speaking to his old classmates, he smiled. The roots of the newly grown hair are a bit white, probably because they have been dyed black. He is in good spirits. Those who can handle a large pile of documents on the table at this age are not ordinary people.
“You were like this when you were in school. You would rather save money to buy a poster of Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday” than go to parties.” “It’s a
pity that Hepburn passed away last year. I wish I could find her in Los Angeles.” Gregorian said at the booth. He opened h