, and you are carrying a murder case. If you don’t confess, you will die, and if you confess, you will die. If you don’t betray your brother, your brother can help you take care of your family.” ”
It’s really cunning, no wonder he can escape our blows time and time again. .” One leader sighed.
“He also pays great attention to study. He reads books, newspapers and surfs the Internet in the morning, goes to the gym in the afternoon, and occasionally sees a girl. When he is done, he pays the girl and sends her away. On the surface, he is gentle and elegant, his conversation is extraordinary, and his handwriting is also very beautiful. No one will take it for granted. He is connected with drug dealers.”
“Rong Zhengfeng, 39 years old, native of Chengdu City, Xichuan Province, junior high school education, married, purchased several properties in Chengdu City, has two children, a boy and a girl, all attending aristocratic schools. His age He is relatively large and stable, ranking second in the gang. Zhang Guixin made him responsible for accounting, purchasing, processing and blending. He is the only one among the several principals who has direct contact with drugs.” ”
Xie Liuzhu, 27 years old, from Xinfeng County, Xijiang Province , graduated from a vocational high school, is unmarried, and ranks third in the gang. He has been active in Dongguang for a long time, secretly monitoring the boss who provides them with original goods, and at the same time identifying and training delivery people for the gang. He does not come forward in person, but has A Ma Zai, let Ma Zai go look for training.”
/Deputy Captain Wang suddenly asked: “Why does he want to monitor the Shang family?”
“For safety, to prevent anything happening to the Shang family from affecting them, it is said to be monitoring, but it is actually to pay attention, the same as the Shang family. He is cunning and not easy to monitor. He mainly pays attention to whether the Dongguang Public Security Bureau takes any action in the places where his family often hangs out. It is equivalent to observing the news.” ”
Damn, these guys are too careful.”
” Therefore, our police officers participating in the war are also very careful, worried about being noticed by them, worried about alerting the enemy.”
Han Bo smiled, clicked the mouse again, and continued: “Guo Qingshan, 33 years old, junior high school education, married and divorced, I He is from the Changjiang District of Nangang and ranks fourth in the gang. He is responsible for secretly controlling the drug sales network in Nangang. In view of the fact that the gang is very cunning, we used the extraordinary method of “underworld fighting drug lord” to force him out. The breakthrough was from him ”
The underworld fights drug lords?”
“We asked an informant to play the role of the gang boss, and used the informant’s social background and social connections to organize a gang that looked very much like organized crime on the surface, and created a gangster gang. , snatching the goods and drug money