ed a dormitory and invited Fang Ruming, a cadre from the township judicial office who signed up for the exam together, to the factory to prepare together. He graduated from a junior college in law, so if you don’t understand, you can ask.
Studying requires a quiet environment, and the employer also attaches great importance to it. Fang Ruming, who also gave him more than two months of leave, gladly accepted the invitation.
The head cantilevered and the thorns stabbed, and the Silk Weaving Factory suddenly had two more academic masters.
Human life is at stake, learning is learning, and patrolling at night cannot be delayed.
Every night at eleven o’clock in the night, Han Bo would drive a van to the factory gate. First, he would walk around with Fang Ruming to relax and change his mind. Then he would take the night shift policemen to several accident-prone places to secretly protect the workers on and off work.
The vendors were closing the stalls, and five or six people, including Gao Changxing, Wu Yongliang and Xiaoyan, were helping several stall owners pack their things.
A day has passed and a lot of changes have occurred.
/Several rows of parking spaces appeared at the east entrance of the labor service company. Two handymen who had just been transferred to the security department were actually generating income. I found two “security joint defense” red sleeves from nowhere and put them on my arms. I pulled two long ropes to show people the bicycles and motorcycles.
Lao Shen, the industrial and commercial administrator, sat in the communication room counting money with Yang Xiaomei. There was a pile of change and a pile of stubs of industrial and commercial office receipts on the table, and they were very happy to count.
Wu Yongliang ran over excitedly, pointed at the two handymen who were giving change, and asked as if they were offering gifts: “Chief Han, how do you feel?”
“Who came up with the idea of ??charging parking fees?” Han Bo couldn’t help but laugh.
“Collective wisdom, there is a fee for parking bicycles in department stores, a fee for parking bicycles in People’s Park, and the same fee for parking in front of People’s Hospital and cinemas. They can charge it, why can’t we charge it. It’s better to charge a little, and keep it for bonuses. And there are dedicated people to watch it. , there will be no more thefts.”
“What if people don’t stop?”
/“Traffic cannot be blocked, you are not allowed to park elsewhere, you can only park there. Bicycles cost 20 cents, motorcycles 50 cents, not much. Many people are afraid of losing their bikes. I’m also looking for someone to look after the car.”
Wu Yongliang smiled at Fang Ruming, and continued: “All the big stalls and old stalls have paid, but some farmers who came to sell vegetables and melons and some small mobile vendors have not paid. This pair It’s not fair to legal stall owners who have paid. Lao Shen is responsible for this, and charges one to two yuan depending on the size of the stall and the quality of business. We don’t charg