Captain Macaulay, who was at the rear, was extremely nervous. After seeing David fall into the swarm of insects, he began to regret it.
He regretted agreeing to David’s participation in the close combat, and also regretted not making a clear request to David not to go deep into the insect swarm.
But beforehand, how could Captain Macaulay have thought that someone would dare to enter the insect swarm alone on the battlefield?
Captain Macaulay forcibly resisted the idea of ??letting the soldiers move forward to rescue David. Although Babington’s extraordinary order was important, it was too late to save him at this time. Besides, even if it was not too late, they There is no ability to push forward in the swarm in the opposite direction.
When Captain Macaulay regretted it, he saw David rising into the air with a head in his hand.
“Damn it, I forgot to tell Major David that the trophies on the battlefield are collected collectively and are not privately owned!” Captain Macaulay slapped his head and secretly blamed himself.
He thought that David would work so hard just for the single eye of the ‘Cyclops Beetle’. This kind of material is considered a treasure even for extraordinary people, and its value is naturally very high.
/“Let’s talk to Major David when he returns!” Captain Macaulay thought, but suddenly saw that David did not return, but continued to fly towards the rear of the swarm.
David didn’t care about Captain Macaulay’s thoughts. At the moment, he was feeling the sense of relief from the Shadow Warrior absorbing the soul of the ‘Cyclops Beetle’.
It is estimated that only on this kind of battlefield can he have the opportunity to easily absorb the soul of the third-level Zerg.
The Level 3 Zerg will immediately discover him and start hunting him down for being a threat to them.
The chaotic battlefield covered David’s sniping, and coupled with the shooting of Gauss cannons and other sniper soldiers, it also made it more difficult for the third-level Zerg ‘Cyclops Beetle’ to detect the super-large caliber third-level sniper shot by the ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’ bullet.
David had made a plan to come to Battle Star very early. Shadow Warrior wanted to absorb as many souls as possible, so the best choice was to come to the battlefield.
Only in an environment like the battlefield can a large number of souls be absorbed. David is not a murderer. It is impossible for him to kill specifically for Shadow Warrior to absorb souls. The previous massacres were all self-defense.
The enemy was stronger than David. As long as David dared to show any mercy, the consequence would be that David himself would be killed. In the face of life and death, David would of course choose to die for his enemy.