tical office of the county bureau reported the materials, and the municipal bureau evaluated the merits and awards. The squadron was awarded the second-class collective merit. The police officers of the squadron, including myself, were either the second-class individual merit or the third-class individual merit.
The Xin’an County Bureau was jealous, and it was said that they were starting to crack down on smuggling.
But compared with others, everything you have done before is nothing, and receiving awards for meritorious service is a joke.
/The person in front of me, whose surname is Hong, is Hong Fengqiang, who is thirty-six or seventeen years old, a compatriot of the Wa ethnic group, and the deputy captain of the criminal police in a Wa autonomous county in Nanyun Province.
According to Director Zhu of the Provincial Anti-Human Trafficking Office, he has traveled outside the province many times in the past five or six years, traveling through the mountains and rivers of the motherland. He has gone through many hardships and uncovered 79 cases of abduction and trafficking of children and women, and destroyed criminal gangs. 9, rescued 106 abducted women and children, and reunited nearly a hundred broken families!
The Sigang County Bureau’s funds are tight, the southwest minority areas are economically backward, and public security funds are even tighter.
He went out of the province to carry out rescue missions. He often acted alone, “riding thousands of miles alone” and single-handedly rescued abducted women and brought them back to his hometown. It is known as “the eagle of the Wa people in combating human trafficking” and “the patron saint of women and children of the Wa people”.
A senior in the anti-trafficking circle, a true anti-trafficking hero.
Han Bo was as excited as Wang Yan. He took out his cigarette and smiled awkwardly: “Hong Da, we are indeed relatively young, but we can’t really talk about being ‘promising’. Can you come to our Liangzhuang branch? Can you come to our anti-trafficking department?” Squadron, we are very happy. If you need any assistance from us, just ask. As long as we can do it, we will never refuse.”
“Hongda, I am not kidding you, our Korean Bureau will not let you down.”
Chen Meng is still working on the project and will not be able to take care of the anti-trafficking work for a while. Once Director Zhu leaves, Wang Xiaoyun will naturally not stay here any longer and return to the detention center to continue her original job.
Wang Yan is the only police officer in the anti-trafficking squadron at this stage, so naturally she is responsible for receiving when colleagues come to the door.
A girl was abducted here. Hong Fengqiang didn’t care about being polite. He took out a letter from his bag and said solemnly in Mandarin with a southwest accent: “Han Bureau, this is a kidnapped girl from our county asking for help from kindhearted people.” She wrote a letter asking for help. The person who bribed her was worried that she would escape. She was chained up and t