“Who are you? A sect has gathered so many Foundation Establishment Realm sword cultivators. What is the purpose of coming to Blood Qinling Mountains?”
Even when she was surrounded by more than five Foundation Establishment Realm sword cultivators , Huo Qingman remained calm and at least refused to lose any strength in the scene. She also knew that the strength of her side was already weak. If morale is depleted, there will really be no room for resistance.
However, due to the almost absolute difference in strength, the person in charge on the opposite side was not even interested in looking at her. He just gently stroked the sheathed sword in his hand and exhaled deeply, as if chewing and tasting the air. Every trace of flavor overflows from it.
“Okay, it’s really good. A new dimension full of vitality, a new world of immortality full of pure spiritual energy. Even every breath of air is full of moving vitality. I feel that my body is slowly slowing down.” recovery.”
/This person in charge, dressed in a tan robe, obviously has a high status among these mysterious sword monks, but he is too old and skinny, so that his old skin is like loess cracked by drought, and every wrinkle is It was a strangely deep mark, carved on his face like an axe, and even gave people a terrifying feeling.
However, only those who are so old that they are closest to death can fully understand the value of every ounce of life. This old man gasped repeatedly, almost greedily, until Huo Qingman could hardly hold back anymore, and then he took a deep and long breath. , and then glanced at the blood monk with his gray eyes. With just this glance, Huo Qingman’s almost gushing anger cooled down instantly.
The old man glanced at it coldly, and then said with disdain: “Who are we and what did we do? Haha, it’s really ridiculous. Let me tell you, when I, the Taishan Sword Sect, relied on my sword to kill evil, I traveled thousands of miles. , you monsters and monsters are still lingering in some gloomy ravine. Within three days, you have to move away from my Taishan Sword Sect three thousand miles away. Otherwise, ashes will return to ashes, and dust will return to earth.”
The old man was pointing at the blood monks one by one with his sword. The arrogance in his words was like a gift from the gods to the mortals. It was full of a meaning of granting. Every blood monk he pointed at felt faintly. His expression changed, because everyone he pointed out had practiced demonic and evil arts with their souls and souls. If the rules of the immortal sect were strict, they really fell into the category of “demon and devil”.
“In one force, more than half of the disciples and tribesmen practice magic skills and sorcery. This is already the level of a cult. Thank you