county government needs a deputy section level position, and people at the full stock level are already , the problem shouldn’t be too big.”
/It’s not easy to be a leader and I worry about something happening all day long.
/No major accidents can happen in the jurisdiction, no accidents can happen to the police, no accidents can happen to the joint defense team members, and no accidents can happen to vehicles.
At around two o’clock in the morning, car No. 7 and the off-road vehicle returned safely half an hour later than expected. The comrades were fine, the car was fine, the four suspects were fine, Han Bo finally breathed a sigh of relief.
The instructor has been on a business trip for more than 20 days, and his hard work has paid off.
After one night’s rest, I will send the suspect to the detention center early tomorrow morning, and then go home directly for five days of compensatory rest to spend time with my wife and children, just in time to prepare for the New Year.
After being on a business trip for so many days, there were so many things happening in the office that Gui Jiahao couldn’t sleep. He didn’t even bother to take a shower after the midnight snack, so he eagerly asked about the crackdown on Qigong practice.
In fact, I asked An Xiaoyong on the way back. Unfortunately, An Xiaoyong was also on a business trip at the time. He knew all Xiaodan and Chen Meng had said. Although Xiao Dan and Chen Meng participated in the whole process, many of the inside stories were unclear. They were not allowed to enter the conference room when the city leaders and military division chiefs came, and they had no idea what Lao Lu had discussed with Director Qianxiu.
Han Bo briefly introduced what happened, speaking in an understatement, but Gui Jiahao was frightened and sighed sincerely: “It scares me to think about alarming so many leaders. Han Suo, you are so courageous, and Secretary Lu is even more powerful!”
After An Xiaoyong and two joint defense team members returned, he single-handedly captured four criminal suspects and made more than a hundred records. This is not another case, this is a thankless case, and the local public security department is not very willing to help fight against trafficking.
If you have the ability, you may not be able to do it on your own.
“The good news should not flow to outsiders.” Wang Yan, Xiao Dan, Chen Meng, and An Xiaoyong are not official police officers, and it is impossible for them to become regular police officers in a short time, let alone raise their shares.
He has a chance. He is a regular policeman, a veteran comrade who has been working for more than ten years, and is now the instructor of the anti-trafficking squadron with an unjustified reputation. He can definitely take advantage of the withdrawal of several police stations to solve the problem.
Han Bo briefly introduced the annexation of villages and towns. Looking at his beard that he had not shaved for several days, he smiled and said: “There is not much hope for instructors. It is also mo