It’s enough to fight with people in a small area. To escape from a long distance, of course, you must sit on a luxurious spiritual ship. Not only is it comfortable, but you also need to have enough face and dignity.
Therefore, by the time Zhu Sansan arrived at Blood Soul Ridge, the war had ended and the dust of the Blood Soul attack and defense had settled. Zhu Sansan only had time to see the scene where Su Yu and Taoist Shen Ji were playing swordsmanship, and life and death were instantaneous.
In the ruins filled with gravel, steel bars, and blood-stained corpses, a woman as vivid as a painting and as majestic as a god passed by a swordsman at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Life and death were instantaneous, and the whole world seemed to be in ruins at that moment. The original color was lost and turned into monotony of black and white. Only Su Yu’s standing figure holding the sword and the flying red blood behind her became the only vivid colors in this black and white world. The whole process, Beautiful and natural, it looks like a scroll of pictures, cruel and tempting.
“Huh, she is such an excellent beauty. She is holding a sword and dressed in white. She is as majestic as a god. She is so beautiful. If such a swordsman could press him down and humiliate her at will, what kind of pleasure would it be?” Zhu Sansan was excited. His face was flushed, and the energy and blood all over his body were flowing at an accelerated rate. The Sunflower Magic Skill’s Heart Technique did not seem to be as effective as the orthodox Taoist mind techniques, Heart Locking Monkey, Determining Horse, and restraining distracting thoughts and demons.
On the contrary, after practicing the sunflower magic skill, Zhu Sansan became less and less able to resist the beauty that suited his own mood. The strange and dark sunflower essence even used every possible means to take advantage of the stormy waves of desire. As the wind rises, the luck becomes smoother and smoother
/Late at night, Zhu Peng’s study was still lit with lights on. After the war, it did not mean the end of everything. On the contrary, the war was the real beginning of all the tedious affairs.
Fortunately, Zhu Peng had Zhu Sansan as his assistant, so he didn’t have to really look at most of the matters. Except for a few important matters related to the core, Zhu Peng didn’t really have to make many decisions.
However, after this battle, the losses on the Blood Soul side were too great, and the gains and losses were completely out of proportion. Not to mention the mortal casualties and property losses, the monks’ interests were severely damaged.
More than five hundred monks were injured or dead, and more than tens of millions of spiritual stones were lost. Not to mention other things, except that in order to kill Buxu Zhongzhen, Xuepoling gave up the “Iron Buddha Slaughter Bingtao Formation”. Losing a total of more than two th