This kind of manipulation method was not only left over from Zhu Peng’s past games, but at least he was very familiar with it, so there was no need for anyone to invite him. Zhu Peng sat on the main seat with a golden sword before the banquet started, and let him do whatever he wanted. Sun Lie stood beside him for three quarters of an hour, and finally had to take another seat by himself.
Sitting in the main seat at the banquet, Zhu Peng sipped wine, talked and laughed, and looked at the singing and dancing in the venue. He did not even glance at Sun Bubai’s stage. However, among the cultivators at the banquet, which of the cultivators was not a monkey spirit? What’s more, although Zhu Peng didn’t say it publicly, he didn’t fear to cover it up, so almost every one of them knew that the “waste” Sun Bubai of the Sun Family of the Ancient Ape who did not inspire his own true spirit bloodline was killed by the Foundation Establishment Realm in front of him. The cultivator trained him for half a month, and even occupied a recommendation spot in the Sun family.
This can almost be regarded as a vague representative of Zhu Peng’s power, which is competing and confronting the forces of various sects and families in Cangjing Mountain. If Sun Bubai gets good rankings and results, it means that the methods of the man in front of him are shocking and terrifying. , almost regarded as a “waste” existence by high-level monks in Cangshan Realm, can also shine with a stinging brilliance during his half-month training, and vice versa, if Sun Bubai is beaten in less than two rounds After going down, the bloody Zhu Peng had to hide his face in shame and walk away. What kind of face and qualifications did he have to negotiate the conditions for recruiting Cangshan monks?
/In the scene, the battle between Sun Bubai and the fat girl had come to an end. Before the girl could perform the “Earthly Spring Fighting Pig” transformation, she was whipped out of the ring by Sun Bubai with a stick. She She is still the chubby girl that Sun Bubai is familiar with. Her adaptability and fighting experience have not improved with her improvement in cultivation, but Sun Bubai is no longer the Sun Bubai she was half a month ago.
/A set of “Liaotian Stick Technique” that the Sun family relies on to establish the clan was played by Sun Bubai like a crazy stick. Nine points for offense and one point for defense. The opponent’s Dao Guangli didn’t pay attention to the swords that hit him. He showed his intention with the stick in his hand and his chest, and then under his climactic stick attack like a torrential rain and wind, the little chubby girl had no time to react, and the defensive wooden shield in her hand was blown away. She was so frightened that she was actually there Without the protection of magical weapons, she still persisted in the Earth Spring War Pig Transformation. However, before she