The anger of the Dragon King greatly strengthened the administrative efficiency of the East China Sea Dragon Palace. Soon the shrimp soldiers and crab generals of the East China Sea Dragon Palace found a somewhat incomplete jade symbol of painting from the corner of the auction hall. Although the image in it was not very clear, the giant spirit The terrifying height of 2.5 meters tall and the very representative physical killing move “Iron Arm Circle Kill” of Clan Tietu still allowed the criminal investigators of the East China Sea Dragon Palace to make a quick outline and judgment.
/“The prince’s whole body’s bones were shattered to more than seven levels, and most of the body-protecting treasures he carried were aimed at true energy and spiritual energy attacks. Therefore, when faced with the strong attack skills of physical masters, they were not activated in time. Finally, we came to the conclusion that, Tie Tu of the Giant Spirit Clan took advantage of the chaos to seize the treasure, but was discovered by the prince during the theft. During the fight between the two, Tie Tu killed the prince. However,” After saying this, Prime Minister Turtle suddenly hesitated. Looking at the report in his hand, he He seemed to be hesitating whether to say it or not.
“Tao” said in a low voice, like a dull thunder exploding in the ears of Prime Minister Gui. At this time, Ao Mei, accompanied by Ao Ping and Ao Wan, seemed to have calmed down the pain of losing her son, but at this moment Her jade face was like ice and snow, and there was a faint coldness about her body, which made all the waiters around her stay silent. Except for the two daughters beside her who dared to get close to her, she was a close minister. Prime Minister Turtle also expressed that he was under a lot of pressure.
/The Dragon King’s angry shout broke Prime Minister Turtle’s hesitation. No matter how difficult it was to decide, the Dragon King should make the decision. Prime Minister Turtle was just a prime minister, and the most he could do was to provide assistance. “However, the experts from the Criminal Investigation Department believe that this painting jade talisman came very strangely. Coupled with their analysis of the character of Tie Tu from the Giant Spirit Clan, Tie Tu should not suddenly have the courage to kill the Crown Prince of Dragon Palace, so They suspect that there is something inside, but all the clues available for investigation have been cut off, and it may take a long time to find out the my