While speaking, Zhu Peng slowly raised his head. In his eyes, the purple soul meteor was spinning crazily, “The second Taoist technique I solidified is called: ‘Tianmu’. With the sky as the eye, the purple soul meteor is spinning crazily.” The power of my pupils projects into the sky, and everything within a radius will fall into my eyes, no matter how big or small.”
Zhu Peng looked up at the sky. After a moment, he lowered his head and closed his eyes. “Chang Xiao, sixty-three degrees to your left and three hundred and seventy steps away, there is a very beautiful purple wild chrysanthemum. Don’t you want to pick it back and give it to the beautiful Miss Li Yan?”
/Listening to Zhu Peng’s words, Chang Xiao did not dare to neglect because of the momentum of the purple soul just now. After looking at Mo Xiu, Chang Xiao strode in that direction. A moment later, when he came back again, he On the right hand that is not holding the knife, there is already a beautiful light purple wild chrysanthemum. Seeing this scene, both Mo Xiu and Li Yan were shocked and ecstatic. With such a secret and terrifying detection technique, whether they were wandering or killing enemies behind the enemy’s rear, they would become ten times more powerful. of ease.
With such a magic technique at hand, Zhu Peng’s importance in the entire 38th team suddenly increased. Even Chang Xiao, who was the least informed, knew that after the mission was completed, whether he should eat meat or drink soup, it would be a matter of It all fell on the gourd baby in front of me.
Zhu Peng originally did not want to expose so many of his trump card abilities, but sometimes, sometimes, the situation, the situation, hiding it too deeply, may not be a good thing. Showing his value appropriately, for his future actions, Has various conveniences and benefits.
For example, before Zhu Peng showed his worth, Team 38 was attacked. Zhu Peng, Chang Xiao, and Li Yan were all in danger, but Mo Xiu could only save one or two people. The result at that time would be very serious. It is obvious that Mo Xiu will save Li Yan first, then Chang Xiao, and finally Zhu Peng.
But now it’s different. If he really encounters a terrifying and powerful enemy and encounters the above-mentioned dangers, then Mo Xiu’s decision-making will not be so clear. Zhu Peng’s importance in his heart has suddenly increased by an order of magnitude. , surpassing Chang Xiao and even slightly higher than the smart and wise Li Yan. The right to information is really important on the battlefield.
/Then came another whole day of traveling. Since setting off from Blood Soul Ridge yesterday morning, the team had only rested three times. During this period, the relationship between them gradually became harmonious. The group o