Zhu Peng slowly raised his head and stared. The roof of the entire retreat room slowly opened and closed with the impact of his spiritual consciousness, which seemed to be substantial. Zhu Peng began to face the gradually dimming sky.
Slowly stretching his left hand, with the palm facing up, there was a strong purple-white energy gathering crazily. This was Zhu Peng’s own original power. Since there was no place to put new power in the body, he would use some of the original power to get out. , anyway, after the new power is digested, that part of the energy particles can be slowly recovered with the exercise of power.
At this time, the ninth floor of the Blood Ridge has been completely lost. Although some monks are still shrinking and resisting, it is already foreseeable that retreating to the eighth floor of the Blood Ridge will be their only way out and ending. Even the two giant golden apes reached between the eighth city and the ninth floor of the Blood Soul. One golden ape was entangled with all the strength of Elder Xu of the Ancient Sword Pavilion and Raptor Taoist. The eagle swords cooperated with each other, but it was an exceptionally tacit understanding.
Another golden ape originally lifted up a building stone pillar and smashed it around like a joke, but Zhu Sansan suddenly used a trick and summoned a huge stainless steel humanoid puppet from the remaining urn city on the ninth level of blood—— This is the high-end product of the Mechatron and Fire Djinn Forging Book, the Mechatronica Djinn.
/Why not say it is the highest product? Because there is still one word “fire” missing, the body of the Mecha Iron Giant should still be burning with high-end spiritual fire that can only be displayed by Foundation Establishment monks. It is with the blessing of high-end spiritual fire that the Mecha Iron Fire Giant Puppet can possess powerful The terrifying combat power of top-level spiritual weapons. Of course, this does not mean that the mechatronic giant spirit without flame weapons in front of me is weak. On the contrary, the mechatronic giant spirit puppet, which is almost only slightly shorter than the golden giant ape, is more powerful. Short and stocky, their limbs were literally as strong as gold and iron. They suddenly burst out of the wall and slapped the golden ape who was holding the pillar and smashing it around. He slapped it with a face full of peach blossoms and fell to the ground. On the ground, dozens of their own race were crushed to death.
The next moment, the Fine Iron Giant Spirit Puppet fit in and pounced on it. Its astonishingly heavy body pressed against the Golden Fire War Ape, and what it did was simple but extremely standard J