Among Zhang Jian’s many techniques, he has a very unique position.
Zhang Jian enlightened many destined people through this.
Perfecting this method not only means that he can reorganize a Yin Yang Immortal Technique.
Zhang Jian feels that this Dao Yuan Immortal Technique will give him many surprises in the future.
Zhang Jian defeated the Bone Demon Ancestor, but wars also broke out in several other places.
Some demonic spirits who tried to enter the city quickly met their opponents.
Starlight filled the sky, and killing arrays erupted at the edges of several important ministers’ residences. In the killing light, streaks of demonic energy were expelled.
But there was also one trapped by several starlights, and an extremely magnificent Dao diagram emerged, trapping it and dragging it into an unknown space storm. Its fate can be imagined.
The opening of each battle indicates that the following battles will only become more and more bloody.
After all, some real souls have already fallen.
But when the wind and rain outside Haojing City became more and more fierce, a figure returned to Haojing City from the void.
Before Dongling, Chao Mu frowned tightly as he looked at the dragon veins with only part of the dragon energy remaining.
He chased the drought demon all the way from the northern land to the two realms area, and then hurried back after noticing the huge changes in the stars in the sky.
Unexpectedly, when he came back, such a big thing happened inside and outside Haojing City.
A moment later, a black-robed figure wrapped in a cloth robe and surrounded by strong evil spirits appeared in the distance. Behind him was a plain and simple sword.
This figure appeared suddenly and slowly arrived in front of Dongling.
He slowly said from this moment: “Daqian was more than four hundred and sixty years old, and twenty-four emperors were buried here to suppress Feng Shui. Unfortunately, they couldn’t suppress the dragon veins of Daqian!”
“Old man, why are you like this?”
Chao Mu looked at Yuan Geng, the real person of Tiangang, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.
Tiangang Master Yuan Geng’s whole body was now covered in abscesses, and even his eyes were stained with a mixed yellow color.
This is a sign of evil coming back.
/And it’s very serious.
The dragon’s veins were broken, and many immortal cultivators up and down Daqian suffered some evil backlash. He also suffered a backlash, but the foundation of Daqian was still there, and the orthodoxy was not lost. He had the foundation of Daqian as a basis, plus a little bit of his own. Using this method to temporarily suppress the backlash, there aren’t many problems.
It’s not that serious.
“Not just for this dragon soul, but for you, Pindao has risked his life!”
Master Tiangang was a bit self-deprecating, and he took out the big dry dragon flag.
The dark black dragon flag was flying in his hands.
In order to prevent accidents to happen to the dragon soul after the dragon veins were broken, he f