Repairing such damage cannot be done by the equipment here at the base headquarters. It needs to be repaired at the military headquarters. Because it did not affect the use, David did not go there immediately.
/“Uncle Dubois, this is the shield. The damage to my exoskeleton armor has been repaired!” David said as he handed the third-level shield to Baron Dubois.
Baron Dubois took over the third-level shield. He gently touched the hole with his hand, his expression becoming more and more serious.
David was a little curious. He had seen the hole and it was pointed out. There was no aura on it. Could Baron Du Bois be able to see anything else?
“Your fate is so great!” This is the emotion that Baron Du Bois repeated many times in a short period of time.
David is still horrified when he thinks of the danger at that time, and the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness is something he can’t forget.
Of course, this will also become his motivation to become stronger. He has seen the power of the fourth-level Zerg, the bravery of Baron Dubois, and this incomprehensible terrifying existence.
“I was just guessing just now, but now I can tell you for sure that what you encountered today was a level five Zerg. I really can’t understand how you survived!” Baron Du Bois shook his head again.
To be honest, under the circumstances, even if Baron Du Bois himself was present and the finger pointed at him, he still couldn’t resist.
Even if the fifth-level Zerg suppresses its own strength to the level of the second-level Zerg, the indestructibility, the unrivaled pressure, and the ability to forcibly block space are enough to prevent any creature below the fifth-level Zerg from escaping.
“Maybe it’s my luck!” David said softly.
“Damn it, if you meet the kind of Zerg that can communicate with you through the spirit in the future, don’t go against the other person’s will. As long as you don’t provoke that kind of existence, it will not take the initiative to harm you!” Du Boi, who has an aristocratic temperament Baron Si looked at David who was almost dead and couldn’t help but blame him.
“Uncle Du Bois, I understand!” David nodded heavily.
David has a strong spirit, and he has the most intuitive perception of whether others are kind or malicious. He can sense the deep concern of Baron Du Bois.
Baron Du Bois regarded him as his nephew. This was related to David saving Knight Miller, but it also had David’s own reasons.
“I will report this Level 5 Zerg attack on you and leave it to the higher authorities for handling. Unfortunately, we cannot know which Level 5 Zerg attacked you!” Baron Dubois said with a softened expression.
Although David knew that the fingers of the fifth-level Zerg must be extraordinary treasures, if the higher-ups had any communication with the Zerg, they would know about it.
/In particular, David heard from Baron Du Bois that level five Zerg must be reported if they take action, which shows that level five Zerg will basically not take action.
And there are such powerful fifth-level Zerg on