After dispersing the elixir of the qi-refining elixir “Huanglong Dan”, the female cultivator in pink quickly closed the jade bottle in her hand. If too much elixir was released, the efficacy of the medicine would be easily compromised. If Zhu Peng had not understood At this time, the Jade Bee Sect Master was willing to buy horse bones for a thousand gold, and he would not reveal the treasure in public at all. There are also women who love vanity in the monk world, but just like in the secular world, the more vain a woman is, the more likely she is to die. The worse it is, because this is a luxury habit that tests your brain power and your own capital. Rather than revealing his wealth in front of everyone, the Jade Feng Sect Leader, who always considers himself sensible and smart, prefers to make a fortune in silence.
/No matter how much I like to make a fortune in silence, I still have to reveal what I should reveal today. I have already offended the four ancient true spirit clans severely. If I don’t realize what I mean now, I will hold tightly to the big body of the blood high priest. Legs, in the end it was so easy that I didn’t even know how to die.
/While putting the Huanglong Pill into the Qiankun bag on his waist, the Jade Bee Sect Master poured his own spiritual power into the “Qianjun Break” in his hand. If it was a complex spiritual weapon or a treasure that was forcibly taken from others, he would also need to use his own spiritual power to The true magic power has been carefully refined to remove the impurities and the original owner’s mark on it. However, this offensive heavy shield “Qianjun Break” is not complicated and troublesome, and it does not have the previous owner’s mark, so the Jade Bee at this time The sect leader can use it as soon as it is brought over. Although it cannot exert its maximum power, there is no problem at all in its violent application.
After pouring a considerable amount of true energy into the giant shield in his hand, thick, long and sharp bone spurs and fangs slowly appeared on the thick shield, just like a person who originally looked very docile. As the cute big cat slowly opened its big, white, smelly mouth, a dangerous and terrifying murderous intent suddenly spread out.
“Go” was lightly scolded, and the big shield with countless horn spurs galloped across the ground and charged like a huge elephant. The power was second to none, but the fierceness of the frontal charge was The aura was frightening, which greatly made up for the Jade Bee Sect Master’s combat style that was light but not calm enough.
“Bang!” There was a deep and dull sound like thunder in the distance. The huge sharp shield directly collided with a thick decorative wall in front of the hall. Unexpectedly, it exploded with that kind of sound. The mighty giant shield was stationary there. Although it cracked the thick screen wall on all sides, it was far from as ferocious and vicious as others imagined.
“Is this thing ju