The day this girl got the long sword “Ruyan” in her hand, she had already begged the elders of the clan to ban all the additional spells on the sword for her. Then she held the sword and practiced it for several years, using her own The true vitality energy and even the hard work and energy are used to warm and nourish the “like face”. Forbidden swords are an excellent way to raise swords. Coupled with her continuous training and refining outside day and night, this old spiritual sword has already become more and more compatible with her. Even when it can only go in and out, it has become Gradually regaining the spirituality of the past is an extremely terrifying thing in itself.
At this moment, Zhu Peng discovered an even more terrifying fact. Under the strong pressure of his own strength and martial arts, Su Yu and the long sword in his hand gradually reached a mysterious state, and the bright sword body became brighter and brighter. At the same time, the faint sound of the sword sounded like a young bird about to spread its wings and sing loudly.
Zhu Peng didn’t want to wait any longer. With a wave of his left hand, the remaining three puppets flew towards him. Although it was a pity, it had to interrupt the communication between Su Yu and the spirit sword. Otherwise, he would not have faced one directly. The courage of the spiritual sword’s coercion is arrogant.
/Just when Zhu Peng started to move, an astonishing murderous intent suddenly erupted from the dense forest behind him. Although this breath had murderous intent but not murderous intent, it still irritated the hair on Zhu Peng’s back and neck. The three puppets that had just moved suddenly stopped.
/“This is Chi Guoguo’s deflection.” Sensing the murderous intention of the instructor behind him, Zhu Peng’s face suddenly darkened, as gloomy as a basin of ice water. Although Zhu Peng himself knew that anyone in the clan would probably choose to do this. Compared with a fair fight in the junior exchange ring, anyone else would choose to maintain the rare promotion and strengthening of a spiritual sword.
Chapter 054 Reverse promotion, kill Raikiri instantly
The originally degraded sword was reversely promoted under the careful care of the sword master. This kind of opportunity and possibility can be said to be rare in a hundred years. What’s more, the reversely promoted spiritual sword can be said to be completely reborn and reset. The layout of the magic circle is almost 100% consistent with the sword master who cares for it.
Just like an unparalleled master of the art of weapon custom-made a spiritual sword for Su Yu. In the future, it can be used as an arm wielder,