“This is easy to handle!”
Zhang Jian smiled slightly.
“Princess, you stay here with eldest sister first, I will come when I go!”
Bai Liying glanced at Zhang Jian.
Obviously Zhang Jian is ready to take action immediately!
Possessing terrifying innate magical powers such as the Golden Lotus Hidden Breath Technique, Bai Liying is not worried about Zhang Jian’s methods.
Zhang Jian’s figure flashed and disappeared from the spot.
When he appeared again, he had already entered the Xuanli Hall.
At this time in Xuanli Palace.
Xuan Li was meditating, while Huo Nuer had already gone out and took this opportunity to visit Haiwangfang City.
Zhang Jian suddenly appeared, and without giving Xuan Li any chance, he raised his hand and a black talisman condensed deep in his palm.
The mysterious black talisman is covered with countless dense divine patterns, and it contains a layer of majestic power.
This is the magic talisman.
Zhang Jian rarely used it after practicing the God-Retaining Technique.
The only time was to arrest a divine general and ask for directions.
At this moment, as he waved his hand, the soul-binding talisman suddenly turned into a black light and sank into Xuanli’s body.
Xuan Li, who was meditating and adjusting the magic power in his body, was horrified. He felt a divine light penetrate into his body, and his own Yin Shen, Li Shui He Bo priest, completely lost his reaction.
Including the protective secret treasure deep in his Yinshen.
It’s just that the thought of panic has not yet sunk in.
After a moment, his five senses were closed and he completely lost control of the outside world.
“stand up!”
As Zhang Jian was thinking, he saw Xuan Li rising from the cloud couch like a puppet.
Immediately he stepped off the futon.
In Zhang Jian’s consciousness, he is like a clay puppet.
This method has long been promoted to the Yuan Shen Immortal Method by him. It can arrest high-level gods, but it is more than enough to control Xuan Li.
After getting acquainted with each other, Zhang Jian continued to control Xuan Li to sit back on the cloud couch, waiting for Huo Nuer’s return.
Since the Heavenly Fire Palace was involved in this matter, Zhang Jian naturally wanted to solve the problem for the Bai family once and for all.
Unexpectedly, Huo Nuer didn’t return home all night.
/It wasn’t until the next day that he came back from outside with a rosy face.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Jian’s eyes were strange.
/But this is better.
Under the control of his spiritual consciousness, Xuan Li opened his eyes with a gloomy face and scolded unceremoniously.
“Where were you last night?”
Seeing Xuan Li’s unkind expression, Huo Nuer was stunned for a moment, then she looked unconcerned and smiled sweetly.
“Your Highness, where can the Nu family go? The Nu family just received a message from father and went to find someone to cooperate with His Highness and eliminate several opponents for His Highness first!”
As she spoke, she twisted Liu’s waist