“Is the Iron Demon devouring the Yuan Magnet and breaking the treasure? It seems to make some sense.” Stretching his right hand, the Iron Demon’s magnetic light fluctuated like running water, giving people a strangely calm charm, but Zhu Peng’s eyes gradually gradually He seemed to have a deeper understanding of this unique skill.
However, at this moment, the Yang Qi between heaven and earth gathered together, and Chu Tianji condensed and regenerated again. He was still wearing a blue shirt and appeared in front of a group of three people with a wry smile on his face. It was not that he did not want to run, but that he himself He also knew that he couldn’t run away even if he wanted to. His escape speed was already very slow. After successfully practicing the Nine Yang Divine Art, the bonus effect on escape skills was also amazing. But he also knew that any of the three people in front of him could The escape technique will only be faster than him.
“It’s enough to communicate and discuss with each other up to this point. I’m going to give in here. Brother Zhu, please let me go. After all, we will probably work in the same place in the future. We can’t see each other when we look up.”
“You were the one who made the first move. I’m just very interested in the Nine Yang Magic and the Great Shift of the Universe.” Zhu Peng laughed, and had no intention of continuing to kill him. It wasn’t that he had been quietly cultivating his energy for three hundred years. His temper became gentler, but at this moment, Chu Tianji still had a lot of lives left, which really drove him to panic. He fought to the end, splitting his sun and self-destructing as soon as he fell into the wind, a top-notch step repeatedly Suicidal self-destruction would give Zhu Peng a headache even if he encountered it, not to mention it was hard to tell whether Chu Tianji had any hidden cards.
/One of the two people present was frightened, and the other had scruples. The atmosphere immediately relaxed as they got along. Later, Zhu Peng invited Chu Tianji to visit Yipin Xixia as a real guest. After Chu Tianji hesitated slightly, he finally nodded and agreed. . From this point of view, it is reflected that the organization he belongs to is powerful. Even a terrifying monk like Chu Tianji can still control the movement.
“After all, it was Jin Yong who came first, and then there were the fourteen heavenly books and the fourteenth level of the world of heavens. Or maybe there were the fourteenth level of the world of heavens first, and then there were the books written by Jin Yong. It seems that there were first Which came first, t