It’s just that for many years, he has wanted everything, and all the women he wanted were gentle and submissive. Therefore, Zhu Peng’s lustful nature has not been able to be brought out, and others have not noticed it. It was not until he came to the Tianlong World that Zhu Peng felt that Tianlong was the best. There are so many beauties in the highlands
He really likes Zhong Ling, so he will marry Zhong Ling, join the family and slowly fall in love with her, making her happy.
Chapter 784: Generous Elegy, Sure to Kill
Just liking Zhong Ling doesn’t stop him from collecting a few more jade beauties. I think as long as Zhong Ling doesn’t find out, she won’t be angry at all.
Zhu Peng spoke the truth, and Murong Fu was so angry that he almost killed the bitch in front of him with a wave of his palm.
But he finally endured it. Murong Fu was not Xiao Feng, a heroic and upright hero, Duan Yu, a young man who loved beauty more than his country, or even Xu Zhu, who was honest, kind and almost stupid.
/Although his cousin was nice, in Murong Fu’s heart, she was nothing more than a woman. A man’s life, cultivation and great career were not more important than those of a mere woman.
After a confidential conversation and several back and forths, the faint purple mirror was finally handed over to Murong Fu.
He did not agree to what Zhu Peng would do to Wang Yuyan. After all, she was the cousin he had been with since childhood. At this time, Murong Fu was far from blackened to the corresponding level. However, Zhu Peng was not afraid or anxious. This was like a fly. Ding Dan, as long as you expose a little gap, it will eventually expand to the point where you can bite it.
The Beiyue Dragon Slaying Valley can be said to be an extremely dangerous terrain. The terrain is complex. The numerous mountain stone pillars within it almost form a natural maze. Stepping into it can greatly relieve the pressure of the siege. It is not possible for the elders of Qi Tiandao to escape in this direction. wrong.
The only fault was that their luck was not good enough, and they met Zhu Peng, who was good at the True Spirit Eye Technique and was equipped with a treasured mirror.
“Tianmu·Open” used the few shadows captured by the Haotian Mirror to firmly lock on this group of people. Although the cultivators in the canyon were beaten to death by Xiao Feng in the fierce battle ahead, how many Xixia troops were there?
The actual productivity of this higher immortal plane is a hundred times better than that of the Earth Star in the 21st century. It is not a problem for the Monk Dynasty to support an army of one million. If necessary, it is possible to build an army of tens of millions.
At this moment, there are as many as 300,000 Xixia cultivators surrounding the entire Beiyue Dragon Slaying Valley under the command of Zhu Peng. Of course, the majority of them are those who build foundations and soar into the sky, but 300,000 people form a large formatio