“I have worked hard during this period, madam. Fortunately, I have madam to share my worries, otherwise I would not be able to retreat with peace of mind!”
Ji shook her head.
“Your Majesty just likes to be lazy. Your Majesty has profound magic. If you want to deal with these trivial matters, there are many ways.”
Zhang Jian laughed, he naturally had many magical methods to relieve his worries.
/The Nine Dragons Scripture can differentiate into nine Nine Dragons incarnations that are equal to its own power.
The sleepwalking Taixu method can even transform into many Taixu spiritual bodies.
He just found something for Ji to do to balance her eternal state of mind.
/The couple chatted quietly for a while, then Ji said.
“Now that His Majesty has returned from seclusion, the Eternal Heavenly Sovereign still needs to be returned to its original owner!”
“No, madam, you still have to handle government affairs for me for a while!”
Zhang Jian shook his head.
Facing Ji’s bright eyes, he said.
“Next, I’m going to the Nine Nether Underworld with the Patriarch!”
Now that he has successfully passed the fourth step of Taiyi Consummation, Zhang Jian is ready to make vigorous efforts and begin the fifth step of practice.
To return to heaven’s heart, you need to determine your own path.
He is mainly based on the Earth Emperor Dao Fruit, and the Earth Emperor Dao Fruit has two main branches, the authority of the Emperor of Sheji and the authority of the Emperor of Jiuyou.
The Road of Sheji is actually between the natural and the unnatural, and it contains part of the authority of the earth.
The authority of the earth is the authority of nature, and there is no need to worry about road pollution.
As for the sacrifices, governance, and imperial ways, most of them are deep in the Three Emperors’ Heaven Realm, so it is easier to fight for them.
For Zhang Jian, the only trouble is the Jiuyou Road.
Zhang Jian is going to visit Taiyi to save Ku Tianzun first, and then go to Pingxin Hall to visit Chengtian to follow the example of Tuhuang Emperor.
Ji had some vague knowledge of Zhang Jian’s path and did not inquire further.
At this time, Zhang Jian noticed the two beauties in the palace. He was just looking at them as they passed by, with some surprise in his eyes.
His eyes fluctuated. He originally thought that Fairy Qingxia asked him to enter the Eternal Ice Castle for the Xuanming God’s throne. But now it seems that this may not be the case.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s gaze, the two beauties felt slightly uneasy and hurriedly stepped forward.
“Slave Nine Spirits, Zihua pays homage to the Eternal Heavenly Lord!”
Zhang Jian nodded and asked casually.
“I don’t think I’ve seen you before?”
Ji said at this time.
“Your Majesty, according to the regulations of the Heavenly Court, you are the Eternal Heavenly King, and you can be equipped with eight jade maidens in front of the palace. Just recently, a batch of new maidens graduated from the Heavenly Palace, so