Zhang Jian smiled slightly and just shook his head secretly.
He has absolute confidence in himself.
/At this time, Qi Yuhua said again.
“By the way, Emperor, while you were out, many guests came to visit, and one of them was the fifth princess of Heaven!”
/“But I heard that you went to the Three Emperors’ Heaven, but you didn’t stay for long!”
“Fifth Princess of Heaven?”
Zhang Jian’s eyes moved secretly. He had no impression of this fifth princess of heaven.
Zhang Jian thought to himself.
There is no day and night in the central heaven, only the alternation of the sun, stars and the twelve bright moons.
Zhang Jian and the girls walked into the emperor’s mansion, enjoying the brief silence and tranquility.
Stars twinkled in the sky and formed a river of stars. The starry field was bright and vast. From time to time, one could see stars falling from the sky, heading towards the heaven.
More than ten years later, good news came one after another.
First of all, in the Three Emperors Heaven Realm, King Yu sent news that the Taoist king who killed ordinary creatures in the mortal dimension was successfully captured by a human Taoist king, and he learned the specific details of the opponent.
He is the Dao Lord of the Panwang Dao Palace in the side gate, and his name is You Yuan Dao Lord.
It was only because Taoist Wan Gu was killed in the Xuanhuang Membrane Formation of Heaven and Earth that he turned his anger on Zhang Jian and committed such a heinous crime.
The Three Emperors Heaven Realm has launched a repressive attack on Panwang Dao Palace.
The side sect, who is most likely to become the fifth side sect ancestor, must pay the price.
In addition, King Yu also brought another good news. After discussion, the Three Emperors and Five Elders Council allowed Zhang Jian to integrate the Earth Emperor Ancestral Qi into the Three Emperors Heaven Realm.
Here’s another piece of good news.
Next, the Yaochi Holy Land sent an envoy to the door and delivered an invitation from the Yaochi Holy Land.
However, this immortal envoy surprised Zhang Jian.
“Fellow Taoist Baihua?”
Outside the emperor’s residence, Zhang Jian was slightly surprised. At this time, he noticed that there were many flower fairies following Baihua Fairy.
The Baihua Fairy is dressed in a graceful Baihua fairy dress. Her appearance is elegant and gorgeous, and her beautiful eyes have an indescribable bright color.
She smiled softly, cupped her hands and said, “Your Majesty, the Immortal came here on the order of the Holy Mother Mother to deliver an invitation letter to Your Majesty to the Yaochi Peach Banquet. Eighty-nine years later, I am waiting for the Immortal to come to the Yaochi Banquet!”
As she spoke, she handed over a golden invitation.
The invitation is covered with flowers, covered with a layer of strong plain cloud light, the fairy light is dim, and the atmosphere is extraordinary.
Zhang Jian took the invitation and saw that there was a symbol formed by the avenue cloud pattern on the