At this moment, Zhang Jian’s heart moved and he took the initiative to cut off contact with Fengling Ghost King. At this time, he sensed a slight change in his magic power. He quickly entered the Zhang family ancestral hall and ordered Zhang Lu to seal off the inside and outside of the ancestral hall. got up.
After a moment, the magic power around him seemed to be connected to a majestic existence in the dark.
Zhang Jian knew that this was his chance.
Actively run the magic link at the moment.
Boom! !
As if the void was shaking, the light and shadow of a magnificent thousand-foot-high portal rushed out from behind him.
The portal seemed to stand between heaven and earth.
/Zhang Jian threw his spiritual thoughts into it instantly and followed the portal. This time, his spiritual thoughts appeared clearly on a high platform.
In front of the high platform, Bai Xianyin stood on the edge with a smile.
“Young master, I have been ordered to come to pick you up and go to the Patriarch’s Hall to teach you the Dharma!”
/Zhang Jian nodded. He looked around at this moment. As he passed by the magnificent Xuanmen of Heaven and Earth, it seemed that his spiritual thoughts were blessed by the magic weapon. His spiritual thoughts transformed into a complete human form, and he could sense the physical body. Generally the same.
Very novel experience.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s expression, Bai Xianyin explained:
“Young master, you don’t need to be surprised. Your spiritual thoughts have been blessed by the spiritual treasure of the Heaven and Earth Xuanmen, and within a short period of time, they are no different from the physical body!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes were a little surprised.
This was the first time he had come into contact with the concept of spiritual treasures. He only knew about magic weapons and magic weapons.
As for the spiritual treasure, you know how it exists!
The stone mirror in Zhang Jian’s ancestral hall flashed in Zhang Jian’s mind. I don’t know if that treasure is a magic weapon or a spiritual treasure.
Bai Xianyin’s face tightened, and her expression gradually became solemn. At this time, she also explained some of the steps and rules of the sect’s teaching.
she said. “Originally, according to the rules, after a true disciple like you, young master, enters the sect, you should first go to see the master, the leader of the original lineage, and then go to the original phase hall to meet the sect master and the elders of the sect, and then go to the ancestor hall to submit Directory, choose the method, but now we are facing a major event in the sect, and all the elders are not here, so naturally many tedious steps are avoided, we go directly to the Patriarch Hall to teach the method!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian nodded slightly.
There was some regret in his eyes. In fact, he wanted to take the opportunity to meet his master and establish good relations with many elders of the sect.
The Zhang family