In the center of the cracked space, the huge and gorgeous red dragon was still gasping for breath. Even though its neck was almost cut in two, and even though the bright red scales all over its body had pushed back its former vitality, it was still alive after all. down. Inspiring its wings, the Desolate Beast Demonic Dragon fluttered its wings and flew away. It seemed that it was an existence with extremely high strength and intelligence among the Desolate Wild Ancient Beasts. Even after being seriously injured, it could still suppress its instinctive impulses and did not drag its severely injured body with it. The demonic dragon that attacked the rebels of Earth, Star, and Heaven, and was severely injured, flew further and further away until it disappeared.
The instantaneous destruction of more than 80% of the wild beasts and the mushroom cloud and hurricane that formed instantly did not have much impact on the giant blood city in the distance. On the one hand, their nerves were tortured to the point of almost numbness by the non-stop ups and downs. On the other hand, it was also because two huge golden-red giant apes had already arrived at their gates, and they had no choice but to concentrate on dealing with them with all their strength. . At this time, there were already some collapsed holes on the ninth floor of Blood City. Although there were not too many or too big holes, the defensive cultivators could no longer prevent them, so they had to allow a considerable number of wild beasts and insect races to enter the city, leaving some It would be infinitely better for the Desolate Beasts and the Zerg to fight their way into the city than for the entire city wall to fall down, leaving all the people who had not yet completed the transfer exposed to the Minions of the Desolate Beast and the Insect Beast.
At this time, because there are too many mortals, despite proper management, there are still tens of thousands of people left outside the eighth level of blood, and most of them are old, weak, sick, disabled, or injured, and their mobility is seriously affected. Limiter.
/However, in this era, it is still difficult for even healthy mortals to survive, let alone them. It would be cruel to use the so-called survival of the fittest in the laws of nature to describe them, but who knows that reality is so bloody and cruel.
/Standing on the solid city top of the eighth floor of the Blood Soul, Zhu Sansan and Taoist Raptor stood there, watching helplessly as the wild beasts and Zerg race entered the crowd below the city and began their pleasure, their feast of flesh and blood.
Chapter 437 The value of being exploited, swallowi