However, it is worth mentioning that this time, the Dihuang Dao Palace lineage also gained a lot from the ‘sales fair’.
/Zhang Jian, who owns the Immortal Garden and Heavenly Realm, is currently very wealthy. After taking a fancy to some special heavenly materials and earthly treasures, he did not hesitate to use his resources and directly bought them in large sums.
The most valuable thing among them is a piece of pure land with extremely strong innate essence.
This pure land is located in Dongli Shenzhou. It is the lair of a fallen ancestor. It can breed a strange spiritual root of heaven and earth. That spiritual root of heaven and earth turns into the innate soul fruit, which can enhance the practitioner’s understanding.
Zhang Jian is also very satisfied with this result.
He has no shortage of resources in his hands, including some innate divine objects, but he values ??the spiritual roots of heaven and earth that can improve his understanding and talent.
After the Zhang family entered the Immortal Court, most of the clan members began to gradually transform into innate divine bodies. With the help of abundant innate Dao Qi sources, the Innate Ancestral Qi changed their qualifications from the root, but the divine objects of heaven and earth that can increase innate understanding, For Zhang, it still plays a huge role.
While Zhang Jian was in seclusion to digest what Emperor Ziwei had learned from his sermons, a message reached the depths of the Heavenly Spirit Realm that day.
In the Emperor’s Dao Palace, after Zhang Jian received the message, he acted as if he were opening an altar.
In front of the Emperor’s Dao Palace, a stream of light appeared on the altar, and the figure of Qingqiu Empress appeared from it.
That is the secret method of dimensional projection formed through the inner dragnet of heaven.
If Emperor Ziwei hadn’t regrouped 365 ancient stars in the Tianling Realm and established a star array to form a stable Skynet, it would have been too difficult to achieve stable cross-dimensional communication.
This can be easily cracked by outside gods, powerful outsiders, or other immortal gods, or it can be disturbed by chaotic time and space fluctuations.
And with the stable Skynet communication, cross-dimensional communication is not difficult for those with great supernatural powers.
“Grandmaster Qingqiu!”
Seeing Empress Qingqiu, Zhang Jian bowed slightly and bowed.
At this time, in the round light mirror of the altar, Empress Qingqiu’s expression showed a smile.
“Ayu, we have received your message. Congratulations on adding new glory to your resume!”
Isn’t that right? Zhang Jian’s current resume has more and more brilliance.
From the original Emperor Lingyuan, Emperor Shuiguan, to the Heavenly Emperor guarding the Eternal Ice Castle, to the third-order Nine