There is no need to expect extravagant supplies. Even if we find a water source, no one dares to drink it!
Of course, this place can also be regarded as a treasure for some dark-type experts who practice sideways.
Whether or not to go ashore for exploration has become another problem that troubles Hamoudi.
“Your Majesty Commander, we are running out of supplies and we should find a way back as soon as possible.
What’s more, the fleet is still waiting for us to go out for rescue. Too much time is wasted here, and it is difficult for us to explain the heavy losses of the fleet. ”
As soon as the white-haired priest finished speaking, the old man in black robe on the side objected:
“We finally found Poisonous Dragon Island, how could we give up so easily.
/According to the intelligence we collected, the artifact may have been brought to Poison Dragon Island by those traitors. We can’t explain it until we go back to find out! ”
Both sides had good reasons. Hammody’s head was confused. After hesitating for a moment, he ordered:
“I’ll explore the island for two days. Regardless of whether I gain anything or not, I have to rush back to meet up.”
Hudson also complained secretly when he couldn’t wait for the Holy See fleet to come out. It has been delayed for such a long time, and there are still a lot of things waiting for him in the army.
But Hudson was unwilling to give up this opportunity to weaken the Holy See.
After the group destroyed this group of masters, the high-end power of the Holy See was reduced by at least 10%.
“You guys wait outside, I’ll go in first to check the situation.”
It was obvious that everyone really cared about him.
The current situation in the Alpha Kingdom means that no one can do without him as the commander-in-chief of the military.
Until the end of the Continental War, the Hudson was the kingdom’s greatest asset.
In the event of an accident, it would be difficult to find a replacement in a short period of time, which would be a disaster for all major forces in the kingdom.
“No need to worry, this sea area is not too big. Even if you lose your way, you can fly out in any direction.”
Hudson said calmly.
Just falling into the ears of everyone, this is the strong Versailles.
The Sea of ​​Mist, which covers an area of ​​hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, is indeed not a big place for the dragon. But for the human race, it could be fatal at any time.
A dragon roar pierced the air, and Hudson once again went deep into the foggy sea.
The thick fog blocked his sight, but it could not block the sight of the dragon. Maxim shuttled through the sea with ease and quickly found the location of Poison Dragon Island.
“There are three warships below. They should belong to the Holy See. Do you want to destroy them for them?”
Hearing Bear Stearns’ transmission, Hudson almost doubted his ears.
They docked the ship at Dulong Island. Could it be that this place conflicts with the attributes of the Holy See?