The arrow was approaching its extreme point. Several of the heads of the Nine-Headed Dragon tried to dodge, but were pierced through the ice in an instant. There was also an ice crystal heading towards the heart of Jiuying Faxiang.
But it was protected by the shadow of sharp claws.
Click, click, click! !
However, they saw several dragon heads of the Nine-Headed Dragon, and even one of the dragon’s claws covered with a layer of transparency and extremely cold ice crystals. In an instant, most of the area of ??the Jiuying Dharma Form was frozen, and it was also rapidly moving towards the other parts of the body. Regional spread.
The Jiuying Demon Commander mobilized the majestic demonic energy in her body to resist, and a strong layer of innate divine fire surged in her body, but she found that the innate divine fire could not withstand the cold air in it.
There is an immortal power in the cold air.
It is somewhat similar to the fourth-level Dao Fruit Immortal Technique.
But it is stronger than the immortal attribute of the third-level immortal method.
This must be a powerful third-level immortal technique!
This thought came to mind, and the Jiuying Demon Commander’s expression suddenly changed.
/Although she and the Vine Dragon Demon Commander are very strong, they are only equivalent to the level of heavenly immortals. Neither of them has been able to touch the threshold of Taiyi. They can release several third-level immortal skills and are already extremely talented.
How to resist the power of a person suspected of being Taiyi.
“It’s not easy to join in the fun!”
Among the group of demons behind them, many powerful demon gods saw the clues and had already retreated, including the green-robed banshee, the golden toad ancestor Jin Huang, and several other demon gods quietly turned into wisps of demon energy and escaped.
Jiuying Demon Commander immediately noticed this scene, and when he saw that there were other demon gods who wanted to retreat, he roared angrily.
“You are not allowed to leave. I order you to bombard the front with all your strength immediately!
Anyone who dares to leave will be killed without mercy when the demon king wakes up! ”
Her voice was violent, with a roar unique to dragons. The layers of demonic aura around her body surged, and she no longer maintained her body, but she saw the Baizhang true body gradually emerging from the front of the Dacheng Hall.
It was a nine-headed dragon that was extremely ferocious.
At this time, her whole body was surrounded by strong innate divine fire, and countless flames were resisting the power of the Taiyin’s form-refining divine light.
In the picture of mountains and rivers, Zhang Jian’s body is full of divine light.
He held the Taiyin Ice Soul Immortal Bow in his hand.
After continuously activating this third-level immortal treasure at once, Zhang Jian did not feel any burden, whe